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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-09-01 15:27:21 -0400

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16:01 sauron: any pink?
16:02 smorgan: checking
16:03 smorgan: he should be here in a minute
16:04 sauron: k
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16:04 sauron: moof ;)
16:04 pinkerton: moof
16:04 sauron:
16:05 sauron: After many trials and much tribulation, we released 2.0.4 on Thursday
16:05 sauron: generally seems to be going well, but there have been far more bizarro-post-problems than normal
16:06 sauron: perhaps mercury is in retrograde? :P
16:06 sauron: crashes are fairly low so far, but we have a full week in yet
16:07 sauron: certainly the complete lack of the #2 MakeKeyWindow Flash crash helps :)
16:07 sauron: KeychainBrowserListener is still the top single crash, with 6% of all crashes
16:08 sauron: smorgan: did you see that one crash report i linked last week, showing that code "running" during shutdown?
16:08 sauron:
16:08 smorgan: Fun
16:09 » pinkerton left the chat room.
16:09 smorgan: I'll look at that again someday when the location bar works
16:09 sauron: ok
16:09 » pinkerton joined the chat room.
16:09 pinkerton: er...
16:09 » pinkerton was promoted to operator by sauron.
16:09 sauron: heh
16:10 sauron: the rest of the crashes are pretty much knowns, or known unknowns
16:10 sauron: we get some odd ones popping to to the top in the first couple weeks
16:11 sauron: on the fake update front, because of back-to-school and a bit of bad data, it's hard to tell how that effort is going lately
16:12 sauron: for 2.0.5, smorgan has figured out an additional trigger for "Importer in use" problems; that patch is in pink's queue
16:12 pinkerton: ok
16:12 pinkerton: i saw there were a copule
16:13 smorgan: if we *still* have a lot of problems with the importer we'll have to do something more drastic
16:13 smorgan: Install it to ~/Library on launch, for example
16:13 sauron: heh
16:13 smorgan: Or listen for update shutdowns and stall until any importer process ends
16:14 sauron: let's hope this handles everything but the "changed a bookmark and then quit" case!
16:14 sauron: and that that case is not common ;)
16:15 sauron: anything else on 2.0.x?
16:16 smorgan: What drives .5?
16:17 smorgan: Just us, or is there stuff being merged?
16:17 sauron: just us
16:17 sauron: when we have a collection, i'll look through the Gecko patches and see if any of them are usable
16:18 sauron: they're going to turn off 1.9.1 soon-ish, which will make backports much harder
16:18 smorgan: Hopefully we can get 2.1 ready
16:18 sauron: indeed!
16:19 sauron: and on that note, the good news is that the autocomplete/location bar perf patchset seems to be picking up steam
16:19 sauron: :)
16:19 pinkerton: yay
16:19 sauron: so yay stuart!
16:19 sauron: i've got the new cert error page ready, I hope; that's in stuart's queue
16:20 sauron: i've also been trying to rectify our malware diagnostic limited-access problem
16:21 sauron: because the solution we decided on for 2.0.x turned out not to be a good one
16:22 sauron: but right now I need some suggestions about getting SafeBrowsingAboutModule to have access to stuff that BrowserWrapper and BWC know :(
16:22 sauron:
16:23 sauron: it may be beyond me to fix
16:23 smorgan: Yeah, that's in my queue
16:23 sauron: :)
16:24 sauron: Haven't heard from murph recently about gestures; i'll poke him again when we get a bit closer
16:24 sauron: in other news, cl has a working tree again, so hopefully when he's not flying at 4:30am, we can get him on some bugs ;)
16:25 sauron: And Chris Peterson, the guy who was one of the more regular commentors on my blog, is continuing to find and fix menu validation bugs
16:27 sauron: once we get an idea what he's comfortable with, maybe we can steer him towards some of the bugs on the 2.1 or 2.1? lists
16:27 sauron: though looking over them, none look like particularly friendly ones :(
16:29 sauron: i think that's all I have; anything else from either of you?
16:30 smorgan: nope
16:39 sauron: anyway
16:41 sauron: anything else today?
16:42 sauron: ok then
16:43 sauron: everyone have a good week, and keep up the good work :)
16:43 pinkerton: l8r