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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-09-08 15:24:13 -0400

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16:04 cl: oh, heh, guess it's about that time
16:04 ardissone: this is shaping up to be our biggest meeting in weeks :P
16:04 cl: don't get your hopes up; I'm only halfway paying attention :-p
16:04 ardissone: :P
16:04 ardissone:
16:05 ardissone: on the 2.0.4 front, we're still just shy of two weeks, but crashes are holding lower than 2.0.3 recently
16:06 ardissone: i attribute that mostly to us stopping Flash from crashing us coming out of Exposé :P
16:06 ardissone: right now, crashes on cbo are in the top 5 in domains
16:06 ardissone: which means startup crashes
16:07 ardissone: mostly that 10.4 native theme bug
16:07 ardissone: KeychainBrowserListener is the top single crash, with about 6% of all crashes
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16:08 smorgan: "single" before de-duping Flash bugs, I assume?
16:08 ardissone: right, single-signature
16:09 ardissone: There's a Flash 10.0.4-something crash that's right behind
16:09 smorgan: If our Flash notification works, we should be able to consolidate the Flash crashes :)
16:09 ardissone: for good news on our crashes front, yeah
16:10 ardissone: smorgan got Flash notification for updates working
16:10 ardissone: we basically need to make some text decisions and for ss to review the js
16:10 ardissone: and we can deploy it
16:10 smorgan: Is the plan to do just /start/ ?
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16:11 ardissone: /welcome/, but yes
16:11 ardissone: though I think we should consider /start/ too
16:11 smorgan: Right, welcome. I would vote for /start/
16:11 ardissone: since some number of people do keep /start/ as their homepage
16:12 ardissone: anyway, need to catch ss not at a bar or whatever ;)
16:12 smorgan: I would speculate that people who never change their start page probably are more likely to need more prodding ;)
16:13 ardissone: haha, yes
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16:13 ardissone: whether they're capable of updating, however, is another question :(
16:13 ardissone: the other good news is that there's a fix for our current #10 crash
16:14 smorgan: Well, hopefully some will be driven to the forums to get help in making the bar go away
16:14 ardissone: it's been lurking just below the top for a few releases now, but crash-stats never suggested it because the signature was quoted wrong in bugzilla
16:14 ardissone: yes, indeed
16:15 ardissone: {Bug 530939)
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16:16 ardissone: hearing fewer crazy bugs now that we're a week out; maybe Mercury is out of retrograde?
16:16 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.4?
16:17 ardissone: on the "get thee off of 1.6" front, we're seeing a rise in both 1.6 and 2.0 as people come back from summer
16:19 ardissone: so maybe later we can push some of them off of 1.6
16:19 cl: mm, that reminds me, i should probably make sure my mom's Flash is up-to-date
16:19 cl: she has /start/ as her home page :-p
16:19 ardissone: haha
16:19 cl: maybe i'll just let her be surprised :-p
16:19 smorgan: live user test
16:20 ardissone: "Chris, why is this yelling at me!"
16:20 ardissone: :)
16:20 ardissone: on 2.0.5
16:20 ardissone: we had a good weekend
16:21 ardissone: smorgan, with some help from bz, phiw, and me, figured out the old Google Calendar print bug
16:21 ardissone: :D
16:22 ardissone: smfr broke things in 2002, but we didn't notice until a few years ago :P
16:22 ardissone: so that and the importer-in-use-fix-redux are in pink's sr queue
16:22 smorgan: (Not long after it had been fixed in the first place :P )
16:22 ardissone: heh
16:23 pinkerton: yeah, sorry i haven't gotten to those
16:23 smorgan: They are small
16:23 ardissone: so are cpeterso's patches, iirc
16:23 pinkerton: ok
16:23 pinkerton: i'll do them soon
16:23 smorgan: What's our plan for 2.0.5 schedule?
16:24 ardissone: when we have some bugs, but not too soon after 2.0.4
16:25 smorgan: Seems like getting the Flash notification in people's eyes is worth doing on the sooner side of the spectrum
16:25 ardissone: agreed
16:25 ardissone: but we need to not do update fatigue
16:26 ardissone: (on users and l10n and me)
16:26 smorgan: Right
16:26 smorgan: 2 weeks?
16:26 ardissone: 2-3, yeah
16:26 ardissone: (also depending on where we are with a1)
16:27 ardissone: also, i'd like to have *something* for the KeychainBrowserListener crash in
16:27 smorgan: I'll look at that at least a bit before going back to autocomplete
16:27 ardissone: even if it's just some logging that we can ask people for
16:28 ardissone: because it's been getting worse
16:28 ardissone: ok
16:29 ardissone: hendy: if you'd like to look at that Flash exceptions list bug again, that's fine, but I'd prefer if you worked on 2.1 bugs over that ;)
16:29 hendy: righto
16:29 ardissone: maybe if you want to switch off as a break, or whatever ;)
16:30 hendy: sounds like a plan
16:32 ardissone: similarly, the metadata-file-deletion-duplication bug with the new spotlight importer is on the 2.0.x list, but it's not as pressing as KBL or any of smorgan's 2.1 stuff, though it appears to be a regression
16:32 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.5?
16:33 ardissone: on to 2.1
16:33 ardissone: the "big" news is that we now have less-sucky certificate error pages :)
16:34 ardissone: there's still a bit of room for language improvements in some of the strings, so if anyone does have ideas, do let us know
16:34 ardissone: Chris Peterson is continuing to fix menu/validation bugs :)
16:35 ardissone: cl: you have a patch in your queue about which I have no design objections ;)
16:35 ardissone: smorgan: do you have any specific updates on the autocomplete stuff?
16:36 smorgan: No, all I did the last week was the random little stuff
16:36 ardissone: ok
16:37 ardissone: i would like to try it out once you get to a spot where you can produce another patch that compiles on 10.5
16:37 ardissone: ;)
16:37 smorgan: Oh, right. I can fix that ASAP
16:37 ardissone: but so far the feedback from cl and phiw seems to have been positive
16:38 cl: yeah, i'm gonna try to get to that review this weekened
16:38 cl: maybe tonight or tomorrow
16:38 ardissone: it should be pretty simple, too
16:39 ardissone: i'd r+ it, except someone who knows whether those are the best places/best ways to disable those things is required ;)
16:40 ardissone: hendy: you said last night between aftershocks you're going pick up UTF-8 stuff?
16:40 hendy: i'll give it another go, yes.
16:40 ardissone: ok
16:41 ardissone: cl: can you look through the 2.1-target and 2.1? lists and see if there's anything interesting to you?
16:42 ardissone: we maybe should add "remove 'use my colors'" to 2.1?, too
16:42 ardissone: and murph was back this weekend with a new gestures patch
16:43 ardissone: so hopefully we'll have at least back/forward again for a1
16:43 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1/2.1a1?
16:45 ardissone: ok
16:46 ardissone: we didn't actually land a bunch of stuff this last week, but it feels like we made some good progress :)
16:47 ardissone: anyone have anything else about anything else today?
16:48 ardissone: ok then; everyone work on those 2.1a1/2.0.5 bugs and reviews, and have a good week! :)