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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-09-15 15:40:39 -0400

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16:00 ardissone: pink?
16:00 smorgan: y
16:00 ardissone: so we can discuss how i broke his demo :(
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16:01 ardissone: looks like no-one else today right now
16:01 ardissone: sam may or may not be here; depends on the internet
16:02 ardissone:
16:02 ardissone: on 2.0.4
16:02 ardissone: crashes have gotten up to about the level we've expected
16:03 ardissone: now that we have a full two weeks of data
16:03 ardissone: hopefully they'll hold
16:04 ardissone: also, the tail end of the top 10 is more-or-less back to the usual suspects
16:04 ardissone: except for the IME bug, which has a patch that had never landed on 1.9.0
16:05 ardissone: anyone have anything else about 2.0.4?
16:07 ardissone: we continue to see the end-of-summer return to Camino numbers, so it makes judging the fake update's effectiveness limited
16:07 ardissone: on to 2.0.5, we said last week our goal was 2-3 weeks
16:07 smorgan: I vote we time it for just after Adobe releases the critical update
16:07 ardissone: pink cleared his srs this morning, so we have two of those bugs ready now :)
16:08 ardissone: haha :)
16:08 smorgan: So that if people do heed the warning, they aren't immediately hosed again
16:08 ardissone: yeah
16:08 ardissone: agreeed
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16:09 ardissone: smorgan: have you learned any more about the KBL crash, besides the two signatures are the same crash?
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16:09 smorgan: Not yet
16:09 ardissone: ok
16:09 ardissone: one of the things that Socorro 1.8 broke was displaying email addresses :(
16:10 ardissone: hopefully they'll fix a bunch of bugs, including that, and push them in a week or so, rather than waiting 3 mos
16:11 ardissone: is live now, which shows more-or-less the scope of 2.0.5
16:12 ardissone: there's another Gecko bug people are complaining about that never landed on 1.9.0, the s/GetCurrentEventKeyModifiers/GetCurrentKeyModifiers/g bug
16:12 ardissone: (aka Ctrl+Spaces+plug-ins on 10.6)
16:13 ardissone: cl will get some people to test builds with it to make sure nothing obvious breaks, and then we can take it
16:15 ardissone: i'll also try to go through the new security bugs in and .13 and see what looks sane
16:15 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.x?
16:17 ardissone: on 2.1, i don't think there's been much change since last week
16:17 ardissone: aside from pink clearing his queue of patches that were there :)
16:17 smorgan: Yeah, no updates from me I'm afraid :(
16:17 ardissone: so swipe will be back tomorrow, and maybe murph will get to fix pinch, too
16:18 ardissone: cpeterso is branching out from just menu validation bugs and fixing other things, too :)
16:18 ardissone: cl still owes him a review on the validation patch ;)
16:18 ardissone: while we're on the subject of validation
16:18 ardissone: pinkerton: sorry i broke your demo
16:19 ardissone: not sure if it's worth fixing though
16:20 pinkerton: ardissone: :)
16:20 pinkerton: oh?
16:20 pinkerton: why not?
16:20 ardissone: well, Gecko 2 killed content XUL
16:20 pinkerton: ah
16:20 pinkerton: well that's shit.
16:20 ardissone: so, longer term, it won't work anywhere
16:21 ardissone: (longer term == a few months for fx4 to appear :P )
16:21 pinkerton: what's gecko2 going to ship with? ff4?
16:21 ardissone: y
16:21 pinkerton: suck
16:21 ardissone: xul authors were understandably unhappy :P
16:22 ardissone: in the shorter-term Camino case, besides me investigating chrome:// xul files, you're the only other person i've ever heard using that
16:22 smorgan: And you can type view-source: in class
16:22 pinkerton: heh
16:22 pinkerton: i forgot about that
16:23 ardissone: :(
16:23 ardissone: and then zoom should work ;)
16:23 ardissone: so, you guys make the call; I'm happy to do whatever
16:25 smorgan: Doesn't matter to me
16:26 ardissone: pinkerton: ^^^ ?
16:27 pinkerton: eh, i guess i can just do view-source
16:27 ardissone: (and ctrl+mousewheel/2fingers will probably zoom, too)
16:28 ardissone: (since iirc that goes straight to Gecko)
16:28 ardissone: ok
16:29 ardissone: there's a possibility that the 10.6/mozsqlite patches will still happen; WeirdAl seemed interested (and posted a broken patch over the weekend)
16:30 ardissone: if so, i'll push our other Core patches, and we can do the mozconfig work
16:30 ardissone: and turn off IB stripping
16:31 ardissone: but the current set of work-arounds does not appear to be too onerous, it seems
16:31 ardissone: so mozsqlite is going to continue to not be one of my priorities
16:32 ardissone: i'll continue hacking on things wherever I can, and investigating
16:33 ardissone: beyond that, nothing specific from me; a few build patches in the works
16:34 ardissone: smorgan: unless i missed it accidentally, still no 10.5-buildable patch for autocomplete, right? will you spin a new one after you land the trie files?
16:34 smorgan: Argh, I forgot about that. Will do
16:35 ardissone: thanks :)
16:35 ardissone: so, on alpha 1 we are mostly where we were last week, with the addition of 2 sr+ patches now
16:37 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1/a1?
16:39 ardissone: (nope, ctrl-2fingers gets routed through us somehow, so that doesn't actually work, even for full-content zoom)
16:39 ardissone: (oh well)
16:40 ardissone: ok, anyone have anything about anything else today?
16:40 smorgan: Not me
16:40 pinkerton: nope
16:41 ardissone: oh, i forgot to mention
16:41 ardissone: smorgan alluded to it
16:41 ardissone: but we have a flash-update-check on welcome now (the page shown on first launch of a new version)
16:42 ardissone: so hopefully we'll move our laggards along
16:42 ardissone: and crash less ;)
16:42 pinkerton: yay
16:42 pinkerton: ok i gotta jet. l8r
16:42 » pinkerton left the chat room.
16:43 ardissone: so kudos to smorgan for pushing that script through :)
16:43 ardissone: and on that note, everyone have a good week, and please work on 2.0.5/2.1a1 bugs and reviews :)