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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-09-29 15:19:07 -0400

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16:14 ardissone: cl: want to have a meeting? :P
16:16 cl: sure, anything to talk about?
16:16 cl: should probably look at the agenda :-p
16:16 ardissone: oh, i can ask you about the Address Book crashes
16:16 ardissone:
16:17 ardissone: i think it's probably all one guy
16:18 ardissone: was wondering how Address Book can crash us, but I guess that's AddressBook.framework, not .app
16:18 cl: looking
16:19 cl: do we have any idea what "tyui" means? :-p
16:19 ardissone: gibberish?
16:19 ardissone: they're all startup crashes
16:19 cl: oh, hrm, those letters are all in order on the keyboard, huh?
16:20 ardissone: mhm
16:20 cl: i agree with your theory of gibberish.
16:20 cl: yeah, my guess is the framework is crashing and this guy either has a corrupted address book or a corrupted OS
16:21 cl: because that's dying LOOOOONG after we pass off code to the framework
16:21 ardissone: mhm
16:21 ardissone: you know, it would really be nice if Apple could figure out a way to prevent crashes from crossing framework boundaries :P
16:21 cl: and i sort of doubt there's anything we can do to protect against it
16:21 cl: do we have an e-mail for him?
16:22 ardissone: lemme try to see
16:22 cl: would i be correct in guessing that all five of these crashes are basically the same?
16:22 ardissone: y
16:22 cl: at least we've got full symbols on the AB framework
16:22 ardissone: nope, no email
16:22 cl: might not hurt to file a radar on this
16:22 cl: shoot
16:23 ardissone: yeah, if we had a clue what was happening :(
16:23 ardissone: and had the objc selector messages that the Apple crash reports provide :/
16:24 ardissone: let's see
16:24 ardissone: you were here last night for the focus bugs
16:24 ardissone: and for ilya volunteering to help with reviews
16:25 cl: yeah, i caught all that in scrollback at 4 this morning
16:25 ardissone: so if you get a second one from cpeterso, feel free to hand it off to ilya
16:25 cl: k, i'm gonna try to get caught up on that tomorrow
16:26 ardissone: he cancelled that second patch because it's buggy
16:26 cl: i'm working sat/sun and then again tues-fri
16:26 cl: yeah, saw that
16:27 ardissone: slow week
16:27 cl: mhm
16:27 ardissone: we got nathan bailey applying patches right
16:28 cl: saw that, too :)
16:28 ardissone: phiw's been working on tracking down possible regression ranges for these focus bugs
16:28 cl: (I was there, remember? ;)
16:28 ardissone: yes
16:28 cl: yeah, looks like he found one for the nasty one, whcih is good
16:28 ardissone: but not all log readers were ;)
16:28 ardissone: oh, he did
16:28 ardissone: ?
16:28 ardissone: i missed that :(
16:29 ardissone: i've mostly been working on the Gecko stuff that will let us get our changeset in about:buildconfig
16:29 cl: Yeah, this afternoon, I think
16:29 ardissone: and fixing about:buildconfig on the trunk :P
16:29 ardissone: yay
16:30 cl: yeah, the checkin for bug 563321
16:30 ardissone: oh :(
16:31 ardissone: that's not good
16:31 ardissone: that means we really need a gecko fix :/
16:31 ardissone: which is not going to happen with everyone underwater on fx4 blockers :(
16:32 cl: yeah, looks that way
16:32 ardissone: suck suck
16:33 cl: the good news is at least we know a workaround :-p
16:33 ardissone: :P
16:33 cl: and it doesn't happen on all form fields, just some of them :-p
16:33 ardissone: which makes it all the more confusing to users
16:34 ardissone: !clone smorgan
16:34 ardissone: !clone pink
16:34 ardissone: !clone mento!
16:34 ardissone: anyway, that's all i've go
16:35 ardissone: *t
16:35 cl: !clone neil-and-smaug
16:35 ardissone: that, too
16:35 ardissone: crahes are holding lower again this week
16:35 ardissone: but given that 80% of the 2.1a1pre crahes are missing
16:35 ardissone: i'm not sure I can trust the 2.0.4 numbers
16:38 ardissone: anyway, that's it for this week
16:38 ardissone: reviews, reviews, patches! ;)
16:38 ardissone: :P
16:40 cl: good job, meeting team
16:40 cl: high-fives ardissone
16:41 ardissone: high-fives cl back :P
16:41 ardissone: now, where are those meeting-cheerleaders to end in a rah-rah-rah?