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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-10-06 15:31:01 -0400

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16:02 ardissone:
16:03 ardissone: we've moved back up to where we had been in late 2.0.3 with crashes
16:03 ardissone: not sure if that means we've gotten crashier, or Socorro has fixed their dropping-data problem
16:04 ardissone: we had a bunch of movement in the last week
16:04 ardissone: HashString(nsAString_internal const&) has really jumped up
16:04 ardissone: it's a startup font crash
16:04 ardissone: in our case, it's only occurring on 10.4.11 PPC
16:05 ardissone: which is bizarre
16:05 ardissone: since there should have been no external factors to trigger it
16:05 ardissone: but obviously no change in Camino 2.0.4, either :P
16:06 ardissone: Flash 10.1 crashes are falling, Flash 10.0 crashes are rising
16:06 ardissone: spike in NSWindow sendEvent:
16:06 smorgan: O.o
16:07 ardissone: yeah :P
16:07 ardissone: and the bottom end of the list has pretty much rotated out from the usual crashes
16:08 ardissone: cbo is now the #2 domain for crahes
16:08 ardissone: *crashes
16:08 ardissone: which is predominantly the fault of HashString(nsAString_internal const&)
16:08 ardissone: and then the broken-record part ;) KBL is still the #1 single crash :P
16:10 ardissone: also, to make us feel even better, some guy named Nietzsche called us "the new IE" :P :/
16:10 smorgan: Because of our monopolistic bundling?
16:10 ardissone: didn't explain why
16:11 smorgan: No context?
16:11 ardissone: assumes his site is making bad assumptions and he doesn't want to fix them
16:11 ardissone: no
16:11 smorgan: Anyway, I'll try to make more time to work on Camino in the next couple of weeks
16:11 smorgan: Since I haven't really recently
16:11 ardissone: :)
16:12 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0.4?
16:12 ardissone: I think we're finally back to being able to get reliable stats again
16:13 ardissone: but Google Docs keeps dropping the # of things you can have in a sheet
16:14 ardissone: On 2.0.5
16:15 ardissone: smorgan: do you have any ideas about the non-shutdown cases of KBL, or logging for them, or should we just take the shutdown case and go for now?
16:16 smorgan: I haven't had any new insights yet there, no. Just a better idea of where in general it's actually crashing
16:16 smorgan: I don't have any loggable theories yet
16:16 smorgan: I don't think we should hold 2.0.5 on it if everything else is ready
16:17 ardissone: ok
16:18 ardissone: i haven't had time to go through the last round of security fixes, and i don't know when I'll get a block of time for that
16:18 ardissone: but we do have the Google Calendar print fix and some other, smaller things, the new JEP, and a couple things from Gecko we can minibranch
16:19 ardissone: so i guess we could go with that
16:20 ardissone: plus the prospect of flash-check on welcome/
16:21 ardissone: what does everyone thin\k?
16:27 ardissone: um
16:27 ardissone: on the 2.1 front, things have been moving slowly, but we keep finding even more focus regressions :/
16:29 ardissone: one of the latest ones is a regression from stuart fixing an even worse focus bug :(
16:30 ardissone: i don't think they block a1 unless they become more widespread
16:31 ardissone: pinkerton: did you see the replies on the localize download sizes bug?
16:31 pinkerton: yeah
16:31 pinkerton: was mulling it over
16:32 ardissone: we look wrong vs the OS if we don't, which is why l10n was unhappy
16:33 pinkerton: it's really just france
16:33 pinkerton: they're they only ones that change things
16:33 pinkerton: they can just learn to speak chinese like the rest of us
16:33 ardissone: Swedish does something, too, because that's why Markus was upset
16:34 pinkerton: shrugs
16:34 pinkerton: ok whatever
16:34 pinkerton: sr=hyatt
16:34 ardissone: :)
16:35 ardissone: we need some feedback about the suggested re-name of the BOOL for bug
16:35 pinkerton: from me?
16:35 ardissone: you or smorgan
16:36 smorgan: I can look soonish
16:36 ardissone: and also the best way to structure the code to fix bug (see comment 4)
16:36 ardissone: k
16:38 ardissone: cl|lupper: do you have anything else?
16:39 ardissone: ok
16:39 ardissone: ilya did his very first review last night
16:39 pinkerton: sweet
16:39 ardissone: and he says that he's now in the pool for reviews, which will be helpful
16:40 pinkerton: double-rainbow sweet
16:40 ardissone: cpeterso keeps trying to request review from me, but it's always on code :(
16:41 ardissone: so i have to keep redirecting them to actual coding people :P
16:41 ardissone: anyway, with ilya we have one more choice
16:41 ardissone: cpeterso keeps finding new things to fix, which is good
16:42 ardissone: they're getting progressively more into the guts of Camino, which is good because he can dig in to the harder stuff
16:42 ardissone: but bad because the reviews are more complex and harder, which means more of them bubble up to smorgan :P
16:43 ardissone: and we haven't yet implemented !clone ;)
16:43 ardissone: there was a guy who stopped by yesterday to say hi and how much he liked Camino
16:43 pinkerton: sweet
16:43 ardissone: he was pulling the source to see if he could help out
16:43 pinkerton: we also got feedback from someone who just discovered Camino and was abandoning Chrome
16:44 ardissone: haha :D
16:44 pinkerton: :)
16:44 ardissone: pinkerton: do you feel like Archie when Peyton plays Eli?
16:45 ardissone: anyway, the guy disappeared last night; hopefully he'll be back; i told him to ask any questions he had
16:46 pinkerton: heh
16:47 ardissone: i've been busy here, so i haven't been able to do much, and most of that was spent covering for Sam on the website/server issues
16:47 ardissone: hopefully that's mostly straightened out
16:48 ardissone: they're going to be decommissioning our hardware soon, so we'll be moving to a new setuo
16:48 ardissone: *p
16:48 smorgan: Did you figure out any more about that rat bastard who keeps pinging our update server? ;)
16:48 ardissone: which one? :P ;)
16:49 smorgan: I was thinking us
16:49 ardissone: no, i was going to ask you later about what things to look at on the box
16:50 ardissone: because something's clearly not right on any of them, based on the logic in our code and the logic in tinderbox
16:51 ardissone: anyway, we can follow-up after the meeting on that
16:52 ardissone: so, should we look to build 2.0.5 late this week and aim to release the 19th?
16:52 smorgan: SGTM
16:53 ardissone: ok
16:53 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
16:54 ardissone: then please work on those 2.1a1 patches/reviews, and have a good week :)
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