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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-10-13 15:29:06 -0400

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16:01 ardissone: pinkerton: i think you're right; thebot is just broken
16:01 ardissone: he doesn't do bugs any more, either
16:01 ardissone: that at least was working a few days ago, though :P
16:02 pinkerton: i got bugs working, iirc
16:02 pinkerton: firebot seems to do better
16:02 ardissone: maybe bugs broke last night
16:03 ardissone: anyway
16:03 ardissone: another rousing Camino meeting!
16:04 ardissone: we saw another 200-crash leap this week
16:04 ardissone: half of that was Flash 10.0
16:05 ardissone: the rest spread out mostly in KBL, Flash 10.1, and sendEvent: land
16:05 ardissone: the bottom 5 rotated out again
16:06 ardissone: the strange 10.4.11ppc-only font-related crash is persisting
16:07 ardissone: still baffled about what might be causing it
16:07 pinkerton: is there a better way to get folks up upgrade their flash? i noticed firefox has a start page that basically says "HOLY SHIT YOUR FLASH IS OUT OF DATE, YOU'RE GONNA DIE IF YOU DON'T CLICK HERE!!!!!"
16:07 ardissone: we have that for welcome now
16:08 ardissone: so people will see it with 2.0.5
16:08 ardissone: it's problematic to put on /start/ though
16:08 ardissone: (see for reasons)
16:09 ardissone: but hopefully 2.0.5 will help push some people
16:10 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.4?
16:11 ardissone: on stats, we've hit a wall
16:12 ardissone: google's lowered the numbers of formulæ per sheet, and we've hit that hard
16:13 ardissone: so i have nothing useful to say about that
16:13 ardissone: on 2.0.5
16:13 ardissone: didn't get a build this weekend
16:13 ardissone: i've been busy, and we have some outstanding patches that need landing and whatnot
16:14 ardissone: maybe this weekend
16:14 ardissone: smorgan: any more insights on KBL, or were you all-history?
16:14 smorgan: all history
16:15 ardissone: k
16:15 ardissone: cl saw a guy on twitter last night who gave up and went back to fx after 3 years because we were crashing too much :(
16:15 Jan: oh :(
16:16 smorgan: ardissone: once I get autocomplete to the point where we can ship an alpha I'll look at KBL again
16:16 ardissone: ok, sounds good :)
16:18 smorgan: Can you land my stuff for 2.0.5, btw?
16:18 smorgan: If I haven't already asked
16:18 ardissone: yeah, and no, you hadn't
16:19 ardissone: will you get hg, or should I do those, too?
16:19 smorgan: Oh right, I still have things to land on trunk don't I
16:19 smorgan: I'll do that
16:19 ardissone: k
16:20 ardissone: i updated the 2.0.5 wiki page last night to track where we were
16:21 ardissone: bloglines i assume we want to take
16:21 ardissone:
16:21 ardissone: ad-blocking's baked nicely
16:21 ardissone: dunno if we want to do the VersionTracker removal or not
16:22 ardissone: and my gut says minus the JS password thing for 2.0.5 and take it in 2.0.6 after it's had more time in the nightlies
16:22 smorgan: Agreed
16:23 ardissone: to which part(s)?
16:23 smorgan: The last one
16:23 ardissone: k
16:23 smorgan: I don't care about the VT bookmark either way
16:23 smorgan: We should axe bloglines
16:24 smorgan: ad-blocking is fine with me if you are happy withit
16:24 ardissone: pinkerton: do you have an opinion on axing the VT bookmark?
16:24 pinkerton: go for it
16:24 ardissone: ok
16:25 ardissone: i'll working on branch landings of our bugs and the relnotes
16:25 ardissone: and we'll try again for a build this weekend, pending my busy-ness
16:26 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.5?
16:26 ardissone: ok
16:27 ardissone: on 2.1
16:27 ardissone: new WIP from stuart :)
16:27 ardissone: did i understand right there are perf improvements in general history loading?
16:28 smorgan: Not really in history loading
16:28 smorgan: The perf improvement is in building the autocomplete trie
16:28 ardissone: oh
16:28 ardissone: well, that's good, too :)
16:28 smorgan: But the history menu and autocomplete now share a backend
16:28 ardissone: that also sounds good
16:29 smorgan: And once pink reviews the latest segment, I'm going to do some refactoring to make the manager partially share too
16:29 ardissone: :)
16:29 ardissone: speaking of reviews
16:30 ardissone: pinkerton: the sr queue is all you again
16:30 smorgan: So the history manager should load faster for people with big histories as long as they don't open it right after startup, once that's done
16:30 pinkerton: yeah
16:30 ardissone: somehow one patch is in there twice
16:30 ardissone: not sure how smorgan tricked bugzilla into doing that ;)
16:30 smorgan: I don't remember doing anything tricky
16:31 ardissone: i think it just hiccuped
16:31 ardissone: identical timestamps
16:31 smorgan: fixed
16:31 ardissone: was afriad to touch it for fear of killing both
16:32 ardissone: cpeterso's taken one of the 2.1 bugs (autocomplete hover feedback)
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16:33 ardissone: which is nice to see
16:33 ardissone: that widget needs all the help it can get :P ;)
16:34 ardissone: i've got patches or did fixes here and there; nothing really on 2.1 i can fix, i don't think
16:34 ardissone: tagged cl with an incremental improvement to the view-source window size/position remembering thing that bugs me ;)
16:35 ardissone: cl: any updates from you?
16:35 cl: nope? :-p
16:35 cl: i just sat down in my hotel room. i have no idea :-p
16:35 ardissone: haha
16:36 ardissone: are you going to keep trying to explore the tooltip/expansionframes bug?
16:37 ardissone: no new 1.9.2 focus bugs appeared this week (knock on wood), which is nice :)
16:38 ardissone: i guess that's about it on 2.1a1
16:39 ardissone: i'll try to remember to ping murph again about the second part of the gestures, see if he has some time for that
16:39 cl: Yeah, that's on my todo list this week
16:39 ardissone: k
16:39 cl: along with your review and a couple other bugs
16:39 ardissone: :)
16:40 ardissone: sounds good
16:40 cl: I was gonna look at bug 550817
16:40 cl: and I still have that applescript tooltip thing to look at, too
16:40 cl: which was what got me started down this rathole in the first place :-p
16:40 ardissone: haha
16:40 ardissone: yeah
16:40 ardissone: i tried looking at it, and that's what got me to the view-source bug :P
16:41 cl: haha
16:41 cl: at least *something* is getting accomplished
16:41 ardissone: yeah ;)
16:41 ardissone: philippe did a CLOSEME-tagging run over the weekend
16:41 ardissone: so we should have about 20 bugs to close in a week
16:42 cl: i saw that
16:42 ardissone: but 20 is only < half of the 2010 UNCOs
16:42 ardissone: so we do need to keep on that
16:42 cl: i might have missed this earlier, but is there a reason we cleared the sr request on prefetch?
16:42 cl: (bug 493474)
16:43 ardissone: only the duplicate sr?
16:43 cl: oh, nm, didn't notice that :-p
16:43 ardissone: bugzilla hiccuped and did 2 requests ;)
16:43 cl: I was trying to clear out bugmail on my phone during the day and saw that
16:43 cl: so I didn't have full context
16:44 ardissone: read the meeting log when we're done ;)
16:44 ardissone: smorgan pinged the absent ss about AppZapper earlier in the week
16:44 cl: we need live logs :-p
16:44 cl: yeah, I was in-channel for that
16:44 ardissone: he's sans-internet still
16:45 ardissone: so he's building up quite a to-do list
16:45 ardissone: i think that's all i have
16:45 ardissone: anyone else have anything else about anything today?
16:46 ardissone: ok then
16:47 ardissone: please work on your 2.1/a1 bugs/reviews, and have a good week :)