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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-10-20 15:22:05 -0400

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15:56 pinkerton: i know, i know, you need SR's.
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16:00 ardissone: among other things ;)
16:01 smorgan: I need srs!
16:01 pinkerton: i know i know
16:01 ardissone: !clone developers!
16:02 ardissone:
16:02 ardissone: so, the bad news just keeps on coming
16:02 ardissone: i think this is the highest crash count on record
16:03 ardissone: half of this week's increase was KBL
16:03 smorgan: "yay"
16:03 ardissone: which basically doubled and is now 8% of our crashes
16:03 ardissone: (1/4 of the increase was flash 10.0 :P )
16:04 ardissone: weird 10.4 font crash still hanging around
16:04 ardissone: (despite what the agenda says, there was *not* a big swap at the low end this week)
16:05 ardissone: the only other interesting thing were these odd off-the-main-thread crashes in -[NSScriptSynonymDescription dealloc] related to bookmarks
16:05 ardissone:
16:06 ardissone: possibly all 1 user?
16:06 smorgan: Messed up OS maybe?
16:06 smorgan: It's crashing inside a file copy
16:06 ardissone: k
16:07 ardissone: it was weird and creepy and i just wanted someone to have a look :)
16:08 ardissone: anyway, of the top 10, we're shipping a fix for #10 in 2.0.5
16:08 ardissone: and some mitigation (shutdown fix) for #2
16:08 ardissone: and some warning for outdated flash
16:09 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.4?
16:10 smorgan: Kill it!
16:10 ardissone: haha
16:10 ardissone: built 2.0.5 on Friday
16:10 ardissone: as has been usual of late, absolutely no comments about it
16:11 ardissone: I guess we're on track for releasing Tues
16:11 smorgan: Sounds like we should ship it then :)
16:11 ardissone: relnotes are starting to roll in
16:12 ardissone: someone will need to remind me when i'm back this weekend to do the website
16:12 ardissone: On 2.0.6
16:13 ardissone: KBL is of course awful; stuart said he'd jump back on it once we can ship 2.1a1
16:13 ardissone: he also has a partial fix for the metadata madness because it's blocking the autocomplete work
16:14 ardissone: we might want to take cpeterso's fix for restored downloads that have no content-length if it seems as safe and simple as it appears
16:15 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.x?
16:16 ardissone: 2.1 stuff then
16:16 ardissone: smorgan: can you tell us, in broad terms, about where you are in the autocomplete stuff?
16:17 ardissone: middle? closer to the end? beginning? :P
16:18 ardissone: there's not a lot of other explict-2.1 stuff happening right now
16:19 ardissone: i tried beating my head against the wall of SiteIconProvider again
16:19 ardissone: and got the same results: a bloody head
16:20 ardissone: :p
16:20 ardissone: masayuki's "fix" for the Ts regression he caused on 10.4 has no effect
16:28 ardissone: ss: did you ever write back to the AppZapper folks?
16:28 ardissone: smorgan asked about that the other week while you were busy rescuing those miners
16:29 ss: Not yet
16:29 ss: It's in a tab, but probably not for a couple days.
16:29 ardissone: k
16:29 smorgan: sorry, was AFK
16:29 smorgan: Close to the end
16:29 ardissone: :)
16:29 smorgan: Well, the 2.1a1 end
16:29 ardissone: right
16:30 ardissone: it would be great if we could ship a1 before a year has passed since 2.0 went out
16:31 smorgan: Agreed
16:31 ardissone: s/ship a1/ship a1 with an autocomplete that does not make me want to kill it/
16:31 smorgan: I'm waiting on pink's sr for the bookmark before doing the next bit
16:31 ardissone: k
16:31 smorgan: Although I guess I could do the loading in parallel
16:32 ardissone: the queues are starting to back up again
16:32 ardissone: the sr queue is mostly blocked on pink, the r queue is spread around
16:32 pinkerton: sorry
16:32 ardissone: :)
16:33 ardissone: they look just a bit higher than they really are, because there are a bunch of requests that pertain to the new "Tips for New Reviewers" section of the Development:Reviewing page
16:33 ardissone:
16:33 ardissone: I wrote that after ilya had a bunch of questions when doing his first review
16:34 ardissone: all reviewer-type people are welcome (and encouraged!) to edit, comment in Bug 604584, or ping me with suggestions/improvements
16:35 ardissone: the "What to Look For" section is especially in need of help, since, uh, I don't know what reviewers look for in actual code ;)
16:35 smorgan: We use the app store requirement list, mostly
16:36 ardissone: haha
16:37 ardissone: also on the docket for "bugs that need help", to upgrade Flashblock we'll need some small code changes
16:37 ardissone:
16:38 ardissone: I don't know where in our code we do that; hoping batwood or hendy know and will show up :P
16:39 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1 or 2.1a1?
16:40 ardissone: we have ~20 CLOSEMEs set to expire this weekend from philippe's work a couple weeks ago
16:40 ardissone: cl and i have been going through some older UNCOs that are "do we want this or not" as time permits
16:41 ardissone: in fact, I think most of the bugs in the UNCOs list on "Other bugs (if there's time)" have been dealt with :)
16:42 ardissone: philippe's also working on a couple of design bugs right now
16:43 ardissone: inactive throbber state, alert icon for out-of-date and flash checks
16:43 ardissone: ss: do we have a date for the server migration?
16:44 ss: Not yet.
16:44 ss: It'll probably be in 2-3 weeks.
16:44 ardissone: ok
16:44 ss: Should go pretty seamless though, assuming everything's setup properly.
16:45 ardissone: so we'll do 2.0.5 next week
16:45 ardissone: and after that's been out a week-ish would probably be the ideal time
16:45 ss: Yep
16:45 ardissone: so that we can shake out anything before 2.1a1
16:46 ardissone: (and get caminoplanet running again :P )
16:46 ss: Yeah
16:47 ardissone: i've been holding off on blogging stuff since no-one will see the updates :P
16:47 ardissone: ok
16:47 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
16:48 smorgan: not me
16:50 ardissone: ok then
16:50 ardissone: everyone please work on 2.1/a1 bugs and reviews, and have a good week! :)
16:51 ardissone: (and I'll see you this weekend/next week, as appropriate)
16:53 ardissone: oh
16:53 ardissone: pinkerton: we're pretty sure thebot really was broken
16:53 pinkerton: :)
16:53 ardissone: more things stopped working right after that, and then he vanished again
16:54 ardissone: (so we're botless once again)