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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-11-10 15:33:50 -0500

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16:00 ardissone: smorgan: any pink today?
16:00 smorgan: He's not on IRC, so I guess not
16:00 ardissone: ok
16:01 ardissone: ilya appears to be here but not here here :P
16:01 smorgan: Oh wait, here he is
16:01 ardissone: :)
16:01 smorgan: on his way
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16:03 ardissone:
16:04 ardissone: 2.0.5's 2wks and a day old
16:04 smorgan: replace it!
16:04 ardissone: it looks like we have about 64% of users
16:04 ardissone: er, of 2.0.x users
16:05 ardissone: smorgan: is our Flash 10.1 still going up, even if it's not .latest?
16:06 smorgan: Let me see
16:06 ardissone: our 2wk crash count is sitting right around 3K, which is several hundred lower than 2.0.4 had been
16:06 smorgan: I would think the press around the flash exploit would get some more people updated...
16:07 ardissone: which is a good sign
16:07 ardissone: Flash 10.0 crashes have overtaken Flash 10.1 crashes finally
16:08 ardissone: KBL+Flash together account for 30% of our crashes
16:08 smorgan: For Tuesday, 42.5% 10.1r85, 12.8% 10.1r102
16:09 smorgan: Looks like another 11.5% older 10.1s
16:09 smorgan: So it's a majority
16:09 smorgan: 10.0r45 is still #2, but not by much compared to 10.1r102
16:09 ardissone: last week .latest was 43%
16:09 ardissone: if i read the log right
16:10 ardissone: so it plus the new .latest show an increase
16:10 smorgan: Yep
16:10 ardissone: :)
16:10 smorgan: Surprisingly 102 doesn't seem to be coming from r85
16:10 smorgan: which is what I would have expected to mostly be the case
16:10 smorgan: But I'll take it :)
16:10 ardissone: yeah
16:11 smorgan: Something like 2/3 are on some kind of 10.1
16:11 ardissone: :)
16:12 smorgan: (and of those, ~80% are on latest or latest-1
16:12 smorgan: )
16:12 ardissone: :)
16:12 ardissone: so, we're having a positive effect
16:12 ardissone: cl noted that his mother was confused by the alert and re-downloaded Camino instead of getting Flash updated
16:13 ardissone: i'm not sure what we can do to make that more clear
16:14 smorgan: Different icon and/or color?
16:14 smorgan: I assume the confusion was because it looks the same as our out-of
16:14 smorgan: -date build warning
16:16 ardissone: tries to get both showing
16:17 ardissone: that could be
16:17 smorgan: We can file a bug and kick around options
16:17 ardissone: although the header is quite large and specific ;)
16:17 ardissone: ok
16:17 ardissone: we had discussed two icon colors initially
16:17 ardissone: and just pushed 1 to have something
16:18 ardissone: i'll file that later
16:18 ardissone: I finally filed the "corrupt" crash stacks as
16:18 ardissone: ted seems to be saying that's just the way it works now
16:19 ardissone: i'm still not sure how the raw stack memory is inventing things below start, though :P
16:20 ardissone: in terms of actual crashes, not much new this week
16:21 ardissone: -[BrowserWindowController tabView:didSelectTabViewItem:] spiked into the report, though
16:21 ardissone: e.g.
16:23 smorgan: That looks weird
16:24 ardissone: has both JEP and nsCocoaWindow swizzling
16:24 smorgan: These also all have IMs so far
16:24 smorgan: LCC Scroll Encancer in many
16:24 ardissone: heh
16:24 ardissone: a cancer indeed
16:24 smorgan: Or LastPass
16:25 smorgan: Yep, all LastPass so far
16:25 ardissone: heh
16:25 smorgan: And isn't that pretty new on the Mac?
16:25 ardissone: that's the thing that just added support for Camino
16:26 ardissone:
16:26 smorgan: Yeah, every one of the reports in the list from the agenda has it
16:26 ardissone: ok
16:26 ardissone: well, i'm glad to see IMs are keeping their deserved reputation up :P
16:26 smorgan: Maybe it's a right of passage
16:27 smorgan: I'll go see if I can find a support address to write to
16:27 ardissone: how's come ChimericalConsole has never made me have bizarre crashes? :P ;)
16:27 ardissone: ok, thanks :)
16:27 smorgan: Because it doesn't do anything? ;)
16:28 ardissone: it adds a menu item that I use often ;)
16:28 ardissone: so that's it for crashes/2.0.5, unless anyone has anything else
16:29 ardissone: on 2.0.6, i'll build later this afternoon/evening
16:30 ardissone: l10n was rocking; within 3 hours of sending the message, we already had 3 sets of relnotes
16:30 ardissone: :)
16:30 ardissone: 1 more this afternoon
16:30 ardissone: tentatively targetting thursday for the release
16:31 ardissone: depends on how the relnote situation is and if anyone finds anything
16:31 ardissone: thanks to pink for sring the last bug yesterday :)
16:31 pinkerton: :D
16:31 ardissone: we've got some nice fixes for users
16:32 ardissone: the end, i hope, of the spotlight metadata rework
16:32 ardissone: saving passwords on forms where js does stuff
16:32 ardissone: and smorgan's awesome fix for Flash and Silverlight logging the console to death on 10.6
16:32 smorgan: (firmly-worded bug report submitted to LastPass)
16:33 ardissone: ty :)
16:33 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.6?
16:35 ardissone: 2.0.7's section looks a lot lighter after some of the fixes we took in .6
16:35 ardissone: steven's got a first draft of the fix for the breakage caused by the new JEP
16:36 ardissone: it needs a bit of a merge to apply on 1.9.0; not sure how much; i'll look later tonight and spin a build for our users to test
16:36 ardissone: phiw tested in 1.9.2 and it fixed this for him
16:36 ardissone: *things
16:37 ardissone: so we'll have that, and it'll go in nightlies when it's ready, presumably
16:37 ardissone: but that's basically all on 2.0.7 for now
16:38 ardissone: on 2.1
16:38 ardissone: it looks like Stuart has been making good progress on autocomplete :)
16:39 ardissone: will we be ready for a1 after thanksgiving?
16:40 smorgan: I expect so
16:40 ardissone: :)
16:40 smorgan: I may punt a few minor things if necessary
16:40 ardissone: ok
16:41 smorgan: It would be good if we could do something about focus before a1
16:41 ardissone: cheers for a more-useable autocomplete
16:41 ardissone: heh
16:41 ardissone: yes
16:42 smorgan: I can't remember what I fixed; maybe we could just revert for a1
16:42 ardissone: take it out back behind the bikeshed and shoot it
16:42 ardissone: loss of focus when opening a new tab, i think
16:42 ardissone: ?
16:43 smorgan: Ah, right
16:43 ardissone: yeah
16:43 smorgan: Yeah, if nothing else I say we pull that back out for a1
16:43 ardissone: is the regression worse than that?
16:44 smorgan: Probably?
16:44 smorgan: we'll evaluate when we get closer
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16:44 ardissone: or is the fact that bug is constant better than the randomness of the regression
16:44 ardissone: ok
16:44 smorgan: Maybe we can find a better way of handling focus
16:44 ardissone: i'll twiddle the flag on the regression
16:45 ardissone: ok
16:45 ardissone: otherwise, the big problem with development right now is that the r queue has been stuck for about a month
16:45 ardissone: ilya, cl, hendy all have patches at them
16:46 ardissone: (stuart, too, but he's commented on his status on his)
16:46 ardissone: i've poked them all recently, but it's been a week or so now
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16:48 ardissone: :)
16:48 ardissone: er :P
16:49 ardissone: better than both r and sr being stuck, but it is a problem :(
16:50 ardissone: anything else on 2.1/a1?
16:51 smorgan: Not from me
16:51 ardissone: ok
16:52 ardissone: i think we're now on-track for cbo server migration between 2.0.6 and the end of the month, when the current server is shut down
16:52 ardissone: the last I had from ss sounds like he was making progress on the checklist
16:52 ardissone: haven't heard if he's heard back from AppZapper
16:54 ardissone: hendy mentioned on twitter the other night that he'd done a new build, so hopefully as he settles into the new job he'll be back on the review/patch train
16:54 ardissone: :)
16:54 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
16:56 ardissone: ok then
16:56 ardissone: everyone please work on those 2.1/a1 bugs/reviews, and have a good week :)