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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-12-01 15:39:12 -0500

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16:00 ardissone: brb
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16:04 ardissone: ok
16:04 ardissone: welcome back, everyone :)
16:04 ardissone:
16:05 ardissone: first up, 2.0.6
16:05 ardissone: right now we're running at about 50% of the rate of crashes in 2.0.4
16:05 ardissone: I don't know if crash-stats is broken
16:06 ardissone: or if we're less crashy
16:06 ardissone: or if there's been no adoption
16:07 ardissone: (I didn't get stats done; last night when I do that stuff, Sam was online, so we did server stuff)
16:07 ardissone: in terms of good news, Flash 10 crashes have really dried up
16:07 ardissone: smorgan: did you get any Flash stats this week?
16:08 smorgan: I can do it right now
16:08 ardissone: k
16:08 ardissone: the bad news is that Flash 10.1 is still 10+% of crashes
16:09 ardissone: KBL is still the top single crash
16:09 ardissone: we had a few new 10.4.11 PPC crashes show up:
16:10 ardissone: AppKit@0x46c44 (via nsChildView::Update)
16:10 ardissone: +[CHSelectPopupDisplayer showNativePopupMenuAsynchronouslyForSelect:]
16:11 ardissone: the other new top crash is CFBasicHashReplaceValue (Sonix SN9C201 WebCam on secondary thread)
16:12 smorgan: Yesterday: 2.0.6, 85% latest, 2.0 in general: 68% latest
16:12 ardissone: not sure if that's a plug-in or what, but nothing we can do :(
16:12 smorgan: 5% and 10% respectively on latest-minus-one
16:12 ardissone: yay :)
16:12 ardissone: we just need to get the rest of those 2.0.x users updating :P
16:13 smorgan: Yeah, not much we cat do about the webcam I would think
16:13 ardissone: the first hit on Google is it crashing iTunes 10
16:13 ardissone: :P
16:14 ardissone: oh, QT component
16:14 ardissone: but still
16:15 ardissone: the old LastPass crash is still happening; no new emails
16:15 ardissone: we also have one instance of a new LastPass crash:
16:15 ardissone: dunno if that's something they can fix or not
16:16 smorgan: I'll pass it along
16:16 ardissone: ty
16:17 ardissone: anyone have anything else about 2.0.6?
16:17 smorgan: does not
16:18 ardissone: on 2.0.7, the only thing new is that I discovered our safebrowsing overlay buttons don't work at all on framed pages:
16:18 ardissone: if we happen to figure that out, would be a nice thing to have in 2.0.x
16:19 ardissone: but it's probably going to take someone who can wrangle some Gecko to walk back up and figure out why we're getting the wrong thing
16:20 ardissone: unless we just want to unilaterally enable those commands for error pages on which those elements appear
16:20 ardissone: is not sure why those check the error page URI and the certerror ones don't
16:22 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.7?
16:23 ardissone: on to 2.1
16:24 ardissone: smorgan: i think i asked this last meeting, but i forget: once the HDS split goes in, then the autocomplete rewrite is essentially ready?
16:25 smorgan: Pretty much, yes
16:25 smorgan: (I hope)
16:25 ardissone: once we get pink to go through both of them :P
16:25 pinkerton: my rss feed no workie
16:25 smorgan: Unfortunately I didn't get to focus during the break as I had hoped to
16:25 smorgan: pinkerton: it totally does
16:25 smorgan: I checked
16:26 ardissone: heh
16:26 pinkerton: according to google reader, i have no pending sr's
16:26 smorgan: Did your bugmail address change?
16:26 pinkerton: no
16:26 smorgan: I checked the URL manually after the last meeting and it showed up there
16:26 pinkerton: weird
16:27 pinkerton: ok i'll look
16:27 smorgan: In the mean time, trust us over Reader ;)
16:28 ardissone: i have nothing really new to report, either; I thought about some bugs over the break but did not look at any :P
16:29 ardissone: phiw worked up some new graphics
16:29 ardissone: i think cpeterso's dl window selection color thing is ready for sr; i'll try to do a cursory check of it myself, too
16:29 ardissone: out: anything from you?
16:30 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1a1?
16:33 ardissone: ok
16:33 ardissone: on the server migration, we're in the final stretch
16:33 ardissone: in fact, NR might have fixed the last two config things today
16:34 ardissone: maybe we'll see when Sam is next back online
16:35 ardissone: the new shutdown date is a week from today, so we'll be moving soon
16:35 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
16:39 ardissone: ok then
16:39 smorgan: I'll keep trying to find time/energy to tackle focus
16:39 ardissone: heh
16:39 ardissone: focus :P
16:40 ardissone: everyone please work on those 2.1/a1 bugs/reviews, and have a good week :)