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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-12-15 15:52:21 -0500

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16:02 ardissone: smorgan: pink?
16:03 smorgan: pinged
16:03 ardissone: ty
16:03 smorgan: no pink
16:03 ardissone: :(
16:04 ardissone: well then
16:04 ardissone:
16:04 ardissone: Note that this is the last meeting of the year, so happy holidays and safe travels to everyone
16:05 ardissone: On 2.0.6
16:05 ardissone: Crashes have ticked back up to around-average
16:06 ardissone: KBL and Flash 10.1 accounted for only ~20% of the increase
16:06 ardissone: so mostly in random places
16:06 ardissone: Flash 10.0 crashes are slowly fading away
16:07 ardissone: still in the top 10, but they keep falling
16:07 ardissone: beyond that, there's nothing really interesting in the crashes
16:08 ardissone: AppKit@0x46c44 crashes (10.4.11 PPC)
16:08 ardissone: they seem to be almost entirely on ebay or yahoo mail
16:09 ardissone: anything else about 2.0.6 today?
16:10 ardissone: or 2.0.7, which has nothing new, either
16:12 ardissone: On 2.1, I don't think there's anything new, either :(
16:12 smorgan: Sorry, no :(
16:12 ardissone: Still waiting on pink to sr
16:12 smorgan: I'm not going to have time for focus until the end of the month at this point
16:13 ardissone: Santa will not be delivering 2.1a1 for Christmas, boys and girls
16:13 smorgan: Maybe for the new year :)
16:14 ardissone: while we're mentioning those ugly queues, hendy says hi and hopes to see us in the new year
16:14 ardissone: and i need to poke ilya again on that review he took over
16:15 ardissone: anything else on 2.1/a1?
16:15 ardissone: on the tinderboxen front, the filesystem is fried again, so IT will have to re-image
16:16 ardissone: (cb-x1)
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16:16 ardissone: I don't expect that before the new year
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16:16 ardissone: The long-awaited server migration is finally over
16:17 ardissone: it happened Sunday night, and the site was basically unusable until Monday night
16:17 ardissone: at which point Sam got his friend to fix it
16:17 ardissone: Sam recommends you update your wiki theme preferences to Vector
16:18 ardissone: there may be some lingering weirdness with templates on some pages in the wiki
16:18 ardissone: a no-op edit should fix them
16:19 ardissone: We've filed a few bugs on things we know are "broken", but file bugs if you find anything else
16:20 ardissone: cl: anything to report from you?
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16:21 smorgan: You spooked him
16:21 cl: weird
16:21 cl: haha
16:21 ardissone: apparently
16:21 cl: can't think of anything
16:21 cl: i switched over and it just parted on its own
16:21 ardissone: mouse tracking michaud voodoo
16:22 ardissone: smorgan: any thoughts on or on ?
16:24 smorgan: I haven't read them thoroughly yet; they are on my list though
16:24 smorgan: That I can probably get to within the next week
16:24 ardissone: ok
16:24 ardissone: fair enough
16:25 ardissone: i doubt i'll have much time for anything until then anyway
16:25 ardissone: anyone have anything else today about anything?
16:26 smorgan: Nothing here
16:27 ardissone: ok then
16:28 ardissone: everyone have happy holidays and safe travels, and remember, if you need to escape crazy relatives, there are always Camino bugs ;)
16:28 ardissone: see everyone next year!