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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2011-01-12 16:10:51 -0500

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16:11 sauron: smorgan: any pink?
16:11 » sauron changed the topic to "".
16:12 smorgan: nope
16:12 sauron: ok
16:12 sauron: so, the first bit of news is that we've had several people stop by this year interested in helping
16:13 sauron: jordan's in here; i think we've all met
16:13 sauron: a guy from the forum
16:13 sauron: and yesterday TheTrevor
16:13 sauron: so that's very exciting :)
16:14 sauron: and we're very happy to have everyone
16:14 sauron: On 2.0.6
16:15 sauron: crashes are remaining pretty constant
16:15 sauron: (numbers-wise)
16:15 sauron: i didn't manage to get to stats last night
16:15 sauron: so i don't know how we're correlating with usage yet; hopefully tonight
16:16 sauron: KBL is still highly depressed
16:16 sauron: but I still haven't had time to try and track what happened to it
16:17 sauron: Flash 10.1 continues to hold the top spot post-holidays
16:17 sauron: the bottom 5 of the top 10 continue to rotate through various crashes
16:18 sauron: two other notes about crashes:
16:19 sauron: even the "latest" (with the scripting addition hack instead of IM) 1Password continues to trigger the toolbar customization crash
16:19 sauron: (
16:19 smorgan: Yay :P
16:19 sauron: dunno if it's worth figuring out how to warn about it or not
16:20 sauron: -[BrowserWindowController tabView:didSelectTabViewItem:] with LastPass
16:20 sauron: i checked, and we have 3 different module IDs
16:21 smorgan: I still need to let them know about the latest issues
16:21 sauron: the most common one, then the one for their Intel release version (1.70.0), and then a third
16:22 sauron: i'm guessing that means they've made at least two failed tries to fix things
16:23 sauron: (no usernames from those crashes, either)
16:23 sauron: anything else on 2.0.6?
16:24 sauron: ok
16:25 sauron: on 2.0.7, there's not much new still
16:25 sauron: we need to check and see if (the font activation insanity) affects 2.0.x or not
16:25 sauron: and then try to fix it ourselves if it does
16:26 sauron: i pinged jdaggett in the bug in general, but no response from him yet, just other users complaining it's still not fixed in firefox :P
16:27 sauron: once a1 is out, we can start rounding up 2.0.7
16:27 sauron: anyone have anything else on 2.0.7?
16:29 sauron: on 2.1
16:29 sauron: i don't think much has changed since last week
16:30 sauron: we found one small autocomplete bug that stuart intends to fix for a1
16:30 smorgan: That'll be trivial; I'll try to do it tonight
16:30 sauron: i still intend to get a small post out about the "completed" rewrite
16:30 smorgan: So it's still basically all the release-wrangling left
16:30 sauron: but the two things we're really blocking on is me
16:30 sauron: yes
16:31 sauron: and most of my time recently was consumed by fixing a "simple" bug ;)
16:31 sauron: so now that that's out of the way, i should be able to focus my camino time on that
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16:32 sauron: hopefully starting tonight
16:33 sauron: (the weather here has also thrown everything for a loop, too :P )
16:33 sauron: anything else on 2.1/a1?
16:34 sauron: cl|food: anything to report on your end, besides readying that list of CLOSEMEs for this weekend?
16:35 sauron: suspects cl|food is at a different location that his irc client ;)
16:36 sauron: we had a nice message from hendy on the 2010 year in review post
16:36 sauron: the r queue is still uncomfortable
16:37 sauron: the new requests are cleaned out pretty quickly
16:37 sauron: but any of the ones that are older have been sitting
16:38 sauron: so if any of those requests belong to you, please do try to find some time for them ;)
16:39 sauron: we haven't gotten any new patches from cpeterso in a while; don't know if that's because of time or because all of his current ones are still tied up in review
16:40 sauron: i think that's all i have today
16:40 sauron: anyone have anything else on anything?
16:40 smorgan: Nothing here
16:41 sauron: ok then
16:42 sauron: everyone please work on 2.1/a1 bugs/reviews, and have a good second week of 2011 :)