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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2011-02-02 15:55:33 -0500

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16:01 smorgan: no pink
16:01 ardissone: ok
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16:02 ardissone:
16:03 ardissone: on 2.1a1
16:04 ardissone: there's really nothing new
16:04 ardissone: well, Flash 10.1 is now tied with 1Password for the top craher
16:04 ardissone: crash volume is artificially low, though
16:04 smorgan: Updating the 1Password warning is on my short list
16:04 ardissone: because we've been being throttled since Socorro moved
16:05 ardissone: :)
16:05 smorgan: Accidentally, or new policy?
16:05 ardissone: accidentally
16:06 ardissone: they somehow forgot to move the configs and deployed an entirely different config :P
16:06 ardissone: that's why, for instance, 2.0.6 is 75% less crashy than 2 weeks ago
16:06 ardissone: despite Flash on aljazeera crashing people like no tomorrow
16:07 ardissone: (josh and Adobe say that's an OS bug)
16:07 ardissone: anyway
16:07 ardissone: 2.1a1 seems fine
16:07 ardissone: but with low crash volume/low user volume, it's hard to see what might be wrong
16:08 ardissone: anything else on a1?
16:09 ardissone: On 2.0.6
16:09 ardissone: it's hard to say much, given only 10% of our crashes have been processed the last 2 weeks :P
16:10 ardissone: and the top 10 is largely at the mercy of whatever 10% got processed :P
16:10 ardissone: mostly the usual, aside from the addition of the Flash-on-aljazeera
16:11 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.6?
16:11 smorgan: nope
16:11 ardissone: on to 2.0.7
16:12 ardissone: we're starting to get a collection of Camino bugs we should push
16:12 ardissone: it's also been ~12 weeks since a release
16:12 ardissone: so probably this month we should pack things up and ship something
16:13 smorgan: Seems reasonable
16:13 smorgan: With luck, the last 2.0.x!
16:13 ardissone: hehe
16:13 ardissone: crosses fingers
16:14 ardissone: on the 2.1 stuff
16:15 ardissone: we've made some progress on a couple of big items since last week
16:15 ardissone: where we = smorgan ;)
16:15 smorgan: You did all the work for the DTD thing
16:15 ardissone: heh
16:15 smorgan: I just turned what you said into COM code ;)
16:15 ardissone: lol
16:16 ardissone: that's still *some* work ;)
16:16 ardissone: smorgan: you're also working on the autocomplete ranking now (or will be once pink does that patch?)
16:16 smorgan: I'll respin my part of that patch and send it for sr
16:16 smorgan: I will work on it, yes
16:16 ardissone: k
16:17 smorgan: I'm not gated on pink, I can use git branches
16:17 ardissone: ok
16:17 smorgan: I just haven't done that step yet. Should be pretty quick though
16:17 ardissone: :)
16:17 smorgan: Making it not regress speed was the trickier part, and that's done
16:17 ardissone: :D
16:18 ardissone: i've been alternately poking regressions (and getting poked back :/ ) and fixing stuff in the save code while it's fresh in my mind :P
16:19 ardissone: I think the about:config CM is the biggest regression left, though I'd have to check for sure
16:19 ardissone: cpeterso followed up on my debugging and got us a little closer
16:19 smorgan: Pinch is more likely to be noticed by users
16:19 ardissone: oh, true
16:20 ardissone: also presumably easier to fix ;)
16:20 ardissone: in about:config, it looks like someone is calling preventDefault on our event before the XUL pop-up code runs
16:21 ardissone: if we can figure out who, we can probably bug smaug about it
16:22 ardissone: philippe had also been doing some more work on the in-content plug-in UI
16:23 ardissone: so that will look pretty :)
16:23 smorgan: Yeah, those icons are looking good
16:24 ardissone: ilya's helping keep the review queue flowing, and cpeterso's working on some of the autocomplete UI and other stuff
16:25 smorgan: And I finally did something with my two month+ older review!
16:25 ardissone: :D
16:25 smorgan: (not that I was very helpful)
16:26 ardissone: "leave scary things alone until they're less scary"
16:27 ardissone: the queues are staying pretty constant, but we're also landing stuff, so we're doing a good job of moving stuff in and out of them :)
16:27 ardissone: which is really all we can ask ;)
16:27 ardissone: cl: you have anything to report?
16:27 cl: not really
16:28 ardissone: should we move you to "ask first" status?
16:28 cl: probably :-p
16:28 ardissone: ok
16:28 cl: especially now that I'm a homeowner and never have time for anythin
16:30 ardissone: ok
16:30 ardissone: sam emailed the AppZapper folks again after last week's meeting
16:30 ardissone: nothing to report yet
16:31 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
16:33 ardissone: ok then
16:34 ardissone: everyone have a good week, and please work on those 2.1/b1 patches/reviews :)
16:34 ardissone: (and stay warm :D )
16:35 smorgan: I know what you mean... this morning I had to wear an actual jacket over my t-shirt
16:35 smorgan: Instead of just a shell
16:35 cl: haha
16:35 ardissone: haha
16:35 cl: hands smorgan a snow shovel
16:36 ardissone: (i'll also try to rememebr to ping murph again about pinch)
16:36 ardissone: we almost hit 70 last weekend, but it's barely 40 today :(
16:36 ardissone: thankfully, no snow for our 9 snowplows :P