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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2011-02-23 16:00:24 -0500

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16:00 ardissone: brb
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16:04 pinkerton: yo
16:04 ardissone: moof!
16:04 ardissone: good to see you again :)
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16:05 ardissone:
16:06 ardissone: the good news: still very few 2.1a1 crashes
16:06 ardissone: the not-so-good news: it doesn't have very many users, and the main crashes are things entirely outside our control :P
16:07 ardissone: (not unusually-low, though)
16:07 smorgan: We can solve the first problem... ship it!
16:07 ardissone: haha
16:07 ardissone: yes, that is controllable
16:08 ardissone: is there potential for to screw us up?
16:09 ardissone: it has most of my favorite ingredients for a "screw Camino" fix :P
16:09 smorgan: Looking...
16:10 smorgan: Looks like it only owns Gecko objects
16:11 smorgan: So that's a plus
16:11 ardissone: :)
16:11 smorgan: I can't swear that it won't screw us up somehow of course ;)
16:11 ardissone: sure ;)
16:11 smorgan: But it won't affect, e.g., CHBrowserView lifetime
16:11 ardissone: "likelihood of screwing Camino: less than normal" ?
16:12 smorgan: Exactly
16:12 ardissone: ok
16:12 ardissone: that makes me feel better
16:12 ardissone: however, that bug we talked about last friday or on the weekend, makes me feel worse :P
16:13 ardissone: (well, mostly for 2.0.x)
16:13 ardissone: which we can segue into…
16:13 ardissone: not much new in the crashes there
16:14 ardissone: the 10.6 libobjc.A.dylib symbols issue is annoying
16:14 ardissone: getting 22CD62D49E7DC31AF585FCEF1FE4C39A0 from ilya helped some, but not enough
16:15 ardissone: some rotation/spikes on the lower end of the top 10
16:15 ardissone: _nsnote_callback (mostly related to closing windows with a mouse, but occasionally keyboard)
16:15 ardissone: our old friend pthread_mutex_lock with Veetle/VLC and Comcast/Move-Media-Player
16:16 ardissone: and CFBasicHashReplaceValue (which is the Sonix SN9C201 WebCam driver + Flash)
16:16 smorgan: The NSNotification callback could be us
16:16 ardissone: i thought there was a bug on the webcam crash before, but I couldn't find it
16:17 ardissone: smorgan: should I file it, then?
16:17 smorgan: Sure; I've also made a note to audit all our notification registration
16:17 ardissone: ok
16:17 smorgan: To see if we forgot to unregister somewhere
16:17 ardissone: mm
16:18 ardissone: ok, i'll file it
16:19 ardissone: also
16:19 ardissone: smorgan: is a null-check problem?
16:20 smorgan: Looks like
16:20 ardissone: of mGeckoChild, right?
16:20 smorgan: Hard to tell what the source of the bug is ultimately though from glancing
16:20 smorgan: Probably
16:20 smorgan: It's possible there are elided frames under that call
16:21 smorgan: But null-checking there would be a start. I don't remember when it can be null offhand
16:21 ardissone: that bug still happens on 1.9.2 (to Firefox), so I'll file it
16:21 smorgan: But I believe the general rule for ChildView is to check
16:21 ardissone: yeah, i thought so
16:21 ardissone: and the comments futher down are not encouraging :P
16:22 ardissone: i doubt that josh or masayuki will care to look at it soon, since it's a more low-grade crash
16:22 ardissone: but the lack of null-checking did stick out at me
16:22 smorgan: Agreed, looks fishy
16:23 ardissone: there were 11 new lastpass crashes this week, but no new emails
16:24 ardissone: and i've already mentioned our "missing symbols for 10.6 libobjc" problem
16:24 ardissone: still at least 4 versions of that dylib out there
16:25 ardissone: on 2.0.7
16:25 ardissone: basically we have the one Camino bug left (stop the unsupported protocols infinite loop)
16:26 ardissone: and a bunch of little Gecko things that need landing
16:26 ardissone: and then that one scary problem I mentioned earlier, for which we probably want to hold 2.0.7 until a fix is apparent
16:27 ardissone: given the current plan for 2.0.7 to be the last 2.0.x
16:27 ardissone: and focus on 2.1 (which is also affected, but which has much better protection for said issue ;) )
16:28 ardissone: the good news is that, despite the frozen-over state of pink's sr queue ;)
16:28 ardissone: we landed a bunch of stuff last week
16:28 pinkerton: :D
16:28 ardissone: :)
16:28 pinkerton: sorry i've just been so swamped lately
16:28 ardissone: understood
16:29 ardissone: (and you haven't even been going to foggy bottom :P )
16:29 ardissone: bad DC joke :P
16:29 pinkerton: the escalators totally broke last week and chunks fell out!
16:29 pinkerton: thank god i wasn't there
16:29 ardissone: yeah, i saw your tweet about that :O
16:30 ardissone: the city's falling apart
16:30 ardissone: stuart's much-improved autocomplete ranking landed :D
16:30 pinkerton: yay!
16:30 ardissone: it also feels a bit faster, in addition to giving me the right results
16:31 ardissone: we have a few other bits of UI work to do on it yet
16:31 ardissone: cpeterso has a patch to make hover work; dunno if it got bitrotted or not
16:31 ardissone: and some of dan's old follow-ups
16:32 ardissone: but i've now completely stopped cursing it
16:32 ardissone: speaking of follow-ups, though
16:32 ardissone: do we have any ideas about what to do about ?
16:34 ardissone: (should we at least confirm it, even if we have no good ideas/it will miss 2.1?)
16:34 smorgan: I haven't thought about it a while
16:34 smorgan: Chrome doesn't do that, FWIW
16:34 ardissone: do what?
16:35 ardissone: show the URL when matching based on a title?
16:35 smorgan: Maybe I'm confused about the bug
16:36 ardissone: comment 0 is not especially clear ;)
16:36 smorgan: Oh, you have to arrow down to it
16:36 smorgan: Chrome does stomp in that case
16:36 smorgan: Yeah, I guess confirm it
16:36 ardissone: ok
16:38 ardissone: so for b1 we have a few things outstanding
16:39 ardissone: in terms of new features, i think just the rest of my chrome registration stuff, out for review
16:39 ardissone: and for l10n, I believe just going through the Gecko strings
16:40 ardissone: some regressions: still no pinch (and no word from murph), me breaking AppleScript tab-opening in the initial external protocol infiinte loop fix
16:41 ardissone: i'm guessing we can look for early next month for b1?
16:42 smorgan: I'm working on keeping my queue pretty clear
16:42 smorgan: So it's mostly down to your time
16:42 smorgan: I might try to look at pinch if it have time
16:42 smorgan: s/it/I/
16:43 ardissone: which comes and goes; the weather's been warm, so more outside work :P
16:44 ardissone: smorgan: did you want to take Bug 634705 - Don't use default system accept-language list for 2.1?
16:45 smorgan: Sure, I'll try to come up with a heuristic (or just hard-code the list)\
16:45 ardissone: ok
16:46 » pinkerton left the chat room.
16:46 ardissone: not specifically for 2.1, but i keep running into it when I do one of my quick fixes: should we do Bug 619166 - Make all string control character sanitization handle invalid characters
16:47 smorgan: I'd have to look at usage
16:48 ardissone: ok
16:49 ardissone: how is our Flash 10.2 adoption coming? still depressed?
16:50 smorgan: 13% for all intel
16:50 smorgan: (all intel Camino that is)
16:50 smorgan: 10% for all 2.0.6
16:51 ardissone: ok
16:52 ardissone: i don't remember what last week's numbers were; i think you must have given them in the other channel
16:52 smorgan: Yeah, I think I did
16:52 ardissone: you had to leave early, iirc
16:52 smorgan: Hm, 2.0.6 was 12% last week
16:53 ardissone: i thought all-intel was maybe 20?
16:53 smorgan: And Camino 2 Intel was 14%
16:53 ardissone: oh
16:53 smorgan: So... that's weird
16:53 ardissone: we're going down :O
16:53 ardissone: yeah :(
16:53 smorgan: Maybe people are discovering that 10.2 is... edgy
16:53 ardissone: heh
16:54 ardissone: it seems slightly less crashy than 10.1 had been, in our stats
16:55 ardissone: anyway, that's all i have for today
16:55 ardissone: smorgan: you have anything else?
16:55 ardissone: (besides "ship it!" ;) )
16:55 smorgan: Nope
16:55 ardissone: ok then
16:56 ardissone: everyone please keep up the good work on those 2.1/b1 bugs and reviews, and have a good week :D
16:56 ardissone: (we landed 16 bugs in the last week)