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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2011-03-16 15:44:59 -0400

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16:01 ardissone: any pink?
16:02 smorgan: No pink today
16:02 ardissone: ok
16:02 ardissone:
16:03 ardissone: on 2.1a1, crashes are starting to clump together
16:04 ardissone: Flash finally pulling away from the pack :P
16:04 ardissone: other than that, not much interesting yet
16:04 ardissone: on 2.0.6, lots of rotation this week
16:05 ardissone: the ATSUI crash flared back up
16:05 ardissone: nsnote_callback remains high
16:06 ardissone: otherwise, nothing very new or actionable :(
16:07 smorgan: I'll poke around a bit in the crashes once I do the scoring work
16:07 ardissone: k
16:08 ardissone: on 2.0.7, still waiting on that one Gecko security fix, but otherwise it's a matter of just landing stuff when we want to build
16:08 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.x?
16:10 smorgan: Nope
16:10 ardissone: ok
16:10 ardissone: on 2.1
16:11 ardissone: we're basically where we were last week, still:
16:11 ardissone: autocomplete UI work, scoring, and Gecko strings
16:11 ardissone: cpeterso's hover patch is getting close, right?
16:11 smorgan: Yep, pretty much there
16:12 ardissone: i hope to get to the Gecko strings in the latter half of this week
16:14 smorgan: yay!
16:14 smorgan: I'll do scoring this weekend
16:14 smorgan: Friday night maybe
16:14 ardissone: do you have an ETA on the review of my last bit of messing with AppDirServiceProvider?
16:15 smorgan: Same
16:15 ardissone: ok
16:15 smorgan: I started to look at it
16:15 ardissone: :)
16:16 smorgan: I just need to think about the creation/ordering questions
16:16 ardissone: ok
16:17 ardissone: i'm going to be a little more sporadic for the next week or so, but I'm going to try to get the Gecko strings done and be able to build when we have them+in-flight stuff landed
16:19 ardissone: and then we can get l10n rolling
16:19 smorgan: Yay!
16:19 smorgan: Then we can ship it
16:19 ardissone: yup!
16:21 ardissone: wrap up some other bugs/regressions, like pinch, while they're working
16:23 ardissone: i think that's all I have
16:24 ardissone: smorgan: anything else?
16:24 smorgan: Nothing from me
16:24 ardissone: ok then :)
16:24 ardissone: everyone please work on those 2.1/b1 patches and reviews, and have a good week! :D