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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2011-03-23 16:00:28 -0400

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16:07 ardissone: ilya: any idea where smorgan is?
16:09 ilya: not sure
16:09 ilya: looks like he might be in a meeting that went late
16:09 ardissone: k
16:09 » smorgan joined the chat room.
16:09 ardissone: any pink?
16:09 ardissone: haha
16:10 ardissone: smorgan: you here, or crashed?
16:10 » smorgan was promoted to operator by ardissone.
16:10 smorgan: Here; sorry, meeting ran late
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16:10 smorgan: just pinged pink; dunno if he'll be coming
16:10 ardissone: no worries
16:10 ardissone: k
16:11 ardissone: was afraid the /invite had hung c-crap
16:11 ardissone: let's go ahead and start
16:11 ardissone:
16:12 ardissone: the biggest news is the Camino 2.0.7 section
16:12 ardissone: we basically released in 2.5 days to cover the SSL cert breach everyone's talking about
16:13 smorgan: ardissone is our SSL revocation system
16:13 ardissone: haha
16:13 ardissone: 2/3rds of our l10n teams got localized relnotes in 24 hrs, which is great, too
16:14 smorgan: Impressive
16:14 ardissone: (we typically need a week to get N.n.x relnotes)
16:15 ardissone: Unfortunately, in conjunction with 10.6.7 and all the font fixes, we're seeing some incidents of nasty font caches
16:15 ardissone: people who can't even browse
16:16 ardissone: trying to help them out on the forum
16:16 ardissone: but those crashes are no fun
16:17 ardissone: and the users need hand-holding
16:18 ardissone: we now have more than double the crashes of last night, so the crash list on the wiki is obsolete
16:18 ardissone: (though I expect Flash will continue to take the top spot, in aggregate)
16:19 ardissone: smorgan: do you have updated Flash version stats for this afternoon?
16:19 smorgan: I'm trying to get them, analytics is freaking out though
16:19 ardissone: :(
16:19 smorgan: I can't make date queries work
16:19 ardissone: :(
16:20 ardissone: results from last night showed we'd finally started getting an improvement in the latest-Flash-10.2 rate
16:20 ardissone: thanks to the releases
16:21 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0.7 so far?
16:21 smorgan: nope
16:21 ardissone: ok
16:21 ardissone: We updated everyone on 2.1a1 to Sunday's 2.1a2pre nightly
16:21 ardissone: so they'd also pick up the cert fix
16:22 ardissone: without me having to spin another release/do release work for an a2 or early b1
16:23 ardissone: We discovered a recreate-PrefMgr-on-quit crash from the early 2.1a2pre data
16:23 ardissone: and Stuart fixed it
16:23 ardissone: and we decided our "use DontCreate if we know it can be after shutdown" mental model was broken
16:24 smorgan: Ah, here are the Flash stats--for 2.0.7 users yesterday, it's 27.9% 10.2.latest, 17.7% 10.2.latest-1, 44.7% 10.1.latest
16:24 ardissone: :)
16:24 smorgan: For Intel Camino 2 (the number we've been looking at) it's 10.5/20.4/54.9
16:24 ardissone: that's up almost 3% since last night for 10.2-latest :D
16:24 ardissone: :/
16:25 ardissone: hopefully that'll pick up as the update rolls out
16:25 smorgan: That number includes pre-update pings
16:25 smorgan: Because it includes 2.0.6
16:25 ardissone: mm
16:25 smorgan: So it's expected that it's lower than 2.0.7.
16:25 smorgan: We should see it trend up
16:26 smorgan: In fact early results for the same segment for today are 19/18.4/48.8
16:26 ardissone: nice, lots of movement to 10.2-latest :D
16:27 smorgan: Yep. And I imagine these number would cap out around 50%, or lower, now that we are including the welcome page in analytics
16:27 smorgan: Because a large chunk of our pings are from people *seeing* the warning to update
16:27 ardissone: mhm
16:28 ardissone: it's not possible to also run a number that excludes welcome, i presmue?
16:29 smorgan: I'm not sure; I haven't tried that. I'll try to remember to look into that at some point.
16:29 ardissone: k
16:30 ardissone: anything else on the former 2.1a1?
16:32 smorgan: long live the new 2.1a1!
16:32 smorgan: Well, not really
16:32 ardissone: hehe
16:32 ardissone: for 2.0.8
16:32 ardissone: the plan is to release post-b1
16:33 ardissone: once I get a second to breathe :P
16:33 ardissone: 2.0.7 came off of the 2.0.6 minibranch + the Java games fix and the cert blacklisting
16:33 ardissone: (+2011 :P)
16:34 ardissone: 2.0.8 will pick up a few more Gecko security fixes
16:34 ardissone: a few Camino crash fixes
16:34 ardissone: and a couple misc Camino fixes (infinite loop, ad-blocking)
16:35 ardissone: and then, barring any more security messes, should be the end-of-the-road for 2.0.x!
16:35 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.8?
16:36 smorgan: nope
16:36 ardissone: ok
16:36 ardissone: for 2.1b1
16:37 ardissone: we have autocomplete ui/ranking work left
16:37 ardissone: one of the pluses of moving to 2.1a2pre is we get more pre-beta feedback on the changes since a1 :P
16:37 smorgan: We do? I thought we were down to just strings for b1
16:38 ardissone: have you landed all your in-flight stuff?
16:39 smorgan: I think so
16:39 ardissone: cpeterso's patch i thought we said was close (it's not blocking, but we'd take it if it was done, i thought)
16:39 smorgan: True
16:40 ardissone: and also the last part of my chrome registration stuff
16:40 ardissone: which, as a feature, really should be in for beta
16:41 ardissone: and then Gecko strings updates
16:41 ardissone: which i've started working through
16:41 ardissone: but it's slow going
16:42 ardissone: and my time is limited for the next week or so
16:42 ardissone: so it won't happen immediately
16:44 ardissone: and then post-b1 we'll have some other things we'll want to wrap up, like pinch
16:44 ardissone: i haven't stared at those lists lately
16:45 ardissone: but the goal is to do b1 in ~2wks
16:46 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1/b1?
16:47 smorgan: refrains
16:48 ardissone: hehe
16:48 ardissone: good, becuase my head is going to explode soon
16:49 ardissone: the queues are sort-of getting better, as Stuart works through his
16:49 ardissone: pink's post-landing backlog, otoh, continues to grow ;)
16:50 ardissone: but on the whole, there's less "blocking" happening in the queues, I think
16:52 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
16:52 smorgan: not I
16:53 ardissone: ok then
16:53 ardissone: everyone please work on those 2.1/b1 bugs/reviews, and have a good week