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Applying patches

Presuming I'd like to apply the patch in Bug 506345, how would I do so? = I can't see any instructions on the wiki for this. I presume it is: 1. Download the appropriate diff from the patch (click on 'Details' of the latest patch version and save the text (is there an easier way than copy/paste?) 2. Apply the patch using 'patch -p0 filename' 3. Build Camino again

Am I correct in assuming that Camino patches are inclusive/cumulative, ie. in this case, I don't need to apply the three preceding patches before applying Stuart's?

If this isn't documented somewhere yet, I'm happy to add a page describing it and linking it to this one?

thanks! :-) Nate 08:55, 27 September 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, we should probably have a section somewhere that mentions applying patches, because it's something that we have to explain at some point to every person who does their own builds (e.g., third-party builders, people building for fun). I'm not sure where it should live (Development:Applying Patches for now, I guess), but we can link to it from somewhere in the Build Instructions so that those people can find them.
  1. Opt-Click on the patch name in the attachments table to save the patch/diff file
  2. make sure you're in mozilla/camino
  3. patch -p1 < filename
  4. rebuild Camino
Not all patches are cumulative, although they usually are; people will have to use their judgement (and read bug comments) to tell. —Sardisson 05:30, 29 September 2010 (UTC)