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As we work on removing the Advanced font sheet (Bug 422576), here are some screenshots to help visualize the UI.

One persistent problem is that the Fonts and Colors tabs must be the same height (so we must be mindful of introducing big empty spaces in the less-busy Colors tab) and the “Reset” button is literally shared between the tabs (in order to make the key loop work).

Current Appearance pane


Old ExtraFonts third-party pane

missing "Always use my fonts" and font preview; font change buttons and default size are separate, extra UI

ExtraFonts 1 Fonts.pngExtraFonts 2 Colors.png

Mockup for Bug 281770

2px wider; no bottom margin; no equivalent Colors mockup


hendy's v1.0 nib for Bug 422576

cramped bottom; no bottom margin


ardissone's tweak of hendy's v1.0 nib for Bug 422576

slightly-cramped bottom in Fonts (9px), extra space (36px) in Colors


ardissone's 17px tweak of hendy's v1.0 nib for Bug 422576

extra space (44px) in Colors