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In #camino, we have lots of Camino mottos ;)

  • Camino: We make it easy to fuck up™
  • Camino: No, nothing nasty™
  • Camino: We'll do it when it sucks less™
  • Camino: Come on, we've been using the cream!™
  • Camino: We fix some bugs, but cause others™
  • Camino: Yeah, it's a cool experience™
  • Camino: Get it while it's hot!™
  • Camino: More features to screw up and regress ;) ™
  • Camino: It gets you laid™
  • Camino: loved in the lonely heartland™
  • Camino: fixing up Mac using farmers since 2001™
  • Camino: if we add something sane to the bookmarks code, bookmarks will self-destruct™