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hostperm.1 UI

I'd like a UI (prefPane) for all of hostperm.1.

Things I'd like to be able to do:

  1. Search by site
  2. Sort by site, selector, and policy
  3. Live editing (uses the appropriate APIs)
    • Edit existing rules (change policy, change selector?, edit site??)
    • Delete existing rules
    • Add new rules

Basically, something like the cookies Exceptions List sheet, but for all selectors and with some UI for adding new sites/rules.

Port Live HTTP Headers to Camino

Live HTTP Headers is a Firefox extension that consists of a JS XPCOM component for observing HTTP headers as they're sent and some additional JS to call the component and display the headers in the UI.

  • Unknown: whether Camino prefPanes can register XPCOM components

Pseudo-clean profile for QA

It's important for QA purposes to have a clean profile (no hostperm.1, no wacky prefs settings, etc.), but for doing bits of QA, it's also handy for me to have my bookmarks (and User Agent!)

It would be nice to have a little script that creates a clean profile in a fixed location in AppSup, copies my bookmarks file and User Agent there, and then sets the CAMINO_PROFILE_DIR var to that folder for that Terminal window.... Bonus points if the last action is to ask me which Camino to launch (trunk build, branch build, current version, /Volumes/Camino/

Utils for users to use for QA

  • Camino-Profile-Dir tester
    Troubleshoot Camino (Bugs/Features, Discussion/Announcements) (done; sardisson)
  • CaminoConflictCatcher
    • Goes through and disables bits of the profile/prefs one-by-one until the bug goes away

See QA:Triage_Policies_and_Procedures#Common_QA_Troubleshooting_Tips for info on these.

Utils for Migration from Other Browsers

  • Firefox migrator (see Website:Migrating from Firefox)
    • copies history, cookies, hostperm.1, userContent.css, optionally prefs.js/user.js
    • kick-starts the bookmark import (is this AppleScriptable at all?)
    • runs the Fx->Keychain util (below; if it is ever created)
  • Fx password store to Camino Keychain entry migrator
    • is this possible? (you'd have to link Satchel/big chunks of toolkit)
    • see also Bug 366391