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Bugs to File about Cocoa Widget Form Controls Rewrite

  • Textareas should have no shadow - FILED Bug 377331
  • Select-lists, inputs, textareas have no focus ring (some of these might be filed) - Bug 53927
  • Select-lists still have dotted internal focus rings
  • Non-focused select-list with selection still has active selection color - Bug 371487
  • Small selects too small [1]
  • Disabled selects too small (see any bug with flags you can and can't touch)
  • scrollbars not inactive in bg windows - FILED Bug 377227
  • horiz scrollbars not drawn correctly (no arrows) [2] - FILED Bug 377225
  • about:plugins column headers colors - FILED Bug 377325
  • button text too low
  • disabled checkboxes/radios too small and/or too high
  • Font size too large in textareas and inputs - sort-of Bug 262191
  • button in input type="file" too close to text field - FILED Bug 382144
  • still have cropping when painting after scrolling ([3])
  • padding between select-list frame and scrollbar/choices - FILED Bug 382142
  • padding between textarea frame and scrollbar - FILED Bug 382143
  • too much padding in textarea between text and frame
  • text baseline issues with radio/checkbox ([4], [5])
  • button/input ends too pointy - FILED (probably) Bug 384509
  • disabled select list with red text; can't distinguish enabled from disabled

Bugs to File about Gfx:Thebes