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Right now, uses Talkback for its crash reporting and for access to/analysis of the crash reports that are sent in. Unfortunately, this webtool UI has a number of annoying limitations. As QA lead for Camino, I run into them often :(

Hopefully the future breakpad report webtool will be able to handle some of these issues in a better fashion.

Search UI

  • No way to select "all products on this branch" to run a single query
    e.g., to see if Camino and Firefox both crash in a certain function/stack on Mac OS X on the 1.8 branch and generate a list of incidents for mining urls and comments
    • It might also be useful to be able to run queries for the same product on multiple branches at the same time ("is this crash branch-only, or also on trunk?")
  • The "Start Date" and "End Date" fields are grouped underneath the "build selectors" menus, but they are for the date of the crash, not the date of the build (confusing UI)
  • There is no way to search for crashes occurring in builds produced within a certain range
    e.g., there was a big crasher, you fixed it, but some reports with the same stacks are still showing up. You want to get those reports but only for builds after your fix. Right now you have to either construct separate queries for each build (and for each stack, if a crash had two or more signatures), or take the general query for the stack(s) and weed out the builds that don't match
  • No "now" option in the date field, so you always have to fill in a future date if you want to bookmark a by-date query (all crashes with this stack since date foo)
  • Date order is opposite of Bonsai and uses different separators, so you can't copy/paste from one to the other when trying to find checkins given a regression range you've gleaned from Talkback

Results Page

  • Existing query is not pre-filled/preserved when a results page is generated
    e.g., to allow for easy modification of a query for slightly different inputs
  • No way to sort a results page other than editing the url or going back and re-running the query
  • Crash date/time have separators; build ID would be easier to scan if its date/time also had separators
    being able to query by build range might reduce the need for this; mostly I have this problem when trying to see where a certain set of builds begins/ends in a more general query

Topcrash reports

  • Only shows one open and one fixed bug per stack
  • Doesn't always find Camino bugs when trying to match bugs to stacks
  • See also Jesse Ruderman's list of desired Topcrash report improvements
    most of which are more relevant for Fx/Core, but the "help me reproduce" report would be very helpful
  • Clicking on the number in the date column would pull up a query returning just those results (i.e., just that build's crashes for that particular stack)