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Impediments to Daily Use of 1.8branch/Trunk

The 1.8 Branch and the Trunk are for the most part stable enough, and not broken, for daily use by developers, QA, and forum-dwellers alike.

However, there are a large number of bugs and regressions that are considered major annoyances and stop these groups from actively using such builds (most are Camino-only, and most are on both branch and trunk; those that aren’t are annotated appropriately below). This list tracks these major “dogfood-ish” issues.

Dogfood-ish bugs

List generated by Camino developers and QA

2006-12-03: Note that Cairo has been enabled, so there are millions of drawing/font/printing/perf bugs that make the trunk pretty unlivable.

  • Bug 333531 - Pop-up blocker is annoying/invasive (regression; have approval to fix via pref for status bar)
  • Bug 274143 - Pseudo-Single-window mode inoperative (no true SWM, either) (regression) FIXED
  • Bug 325296 - Opacity broken (regression; trunk-only; Core) FIXED
  • Bug 313811 - Background tabs flash before display (regression; trunk-only; simple backout needed to mirror branch)
  • Bug 333765 - Opening a bookmark in a new tab no longer works when pushing Command after opening a bookmark folder, only before (regression) FIXED for the Bookmarks menu
  • Bug 185436 - Software update for Camino ("nightly" channel is dogfood for some)
  • Threads landing stuff (regression; trunk-only):
    • Bug 338249 - Dies/quits/vanishes randomly on the trunk FIXED
    • Bug 338728 - Don't dispatch native events after [NSApplication terminate:] is called / Bug 339371 - Need [NSApp run] on the stack (aka crash on quit bugs)
  • Bug 351492 - HTTP authentication dialogs don't remember passwords, not prefilled (regression; trunk-only)
  • Bug 350973 - Image overlaid on select widgets (regression; trunk-only)
  • Bug 351722 - No Talkback on trunk since 25 Aug (regression; trunk-only; Core)

    Camino Regressions query

Additional user-generated bugs

mentioned in the forum thread

  • Bug 336012 - [10.4] Copy/paste from Browser to Terminal results in gibberish text (regression; currently trunk-only, but bug that caused it might land on 1.8.1 yet; Core) FIXED

    Other possible issues keeping forum-dwellers off trunk/1.8: lack of significant new features (or that in combination with the regressions)?

Build usage distribution

What Camino build do you use in your daily browsing?

  • Official trunk nightlies (Camino 1.2+)
  • 3rd-party optimized trunk nightlies
  • Official 1.8 branch nightlies (Camino 1.0+; nightly link from cb.o)
  • 3rd-party optimized 1.8 branch nightlies
  • Camino 1.0.1/Camino 1.0.1 Multilingual
  • 3rd-party optimized Camino 1.0.1

(Talkback is non-existant for anything but Camino addition to seeing how many people are on branch/trunk, we'll see if anyone is using official builds with Talkback)


results as of 2006-05-06 ca. 00:00 PDT

Build Percent Number of users
Official trunk nightlies (Camino 1.2+) 10% [ 6 ]
3rd-party optimized trunk nightlies 16% [ 9 ]
Official 1.8 branch nightlies (Camino 1.0+; nightly link from cb.o) 9% [ 5 ]
3rd-party optimized 1.8 branch nightlies 1% [ 1 ]
Camino 1.0.1/Camino 1.0.1 Multilingual 36% [ 20 ]
3rd-party optimized Camino 1.0.1 25% [ 14 ]
Total Votes :   55