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PrettyPrint.xsl is an improved version of Zak Greant’s Colloquy transcript-to-MediaWiki XSL and is used for Camino’s Status Meetings transcripts.


  • Vertical bars ( | ) in nicks and message bodies need to be converted to &#124; or wrapped in <nowiki> tags to prevent breaking MediaWiki table syntax and hiding data (strangely, this works fine in channel actions, e.g. being promoted).
  • Force long nicks to wrap, or something, to prevent really wide left columns.


  • Transformations to replace "you" with the transcript owner's nick rely on hard-coded English text of Colloquy's default "event" messages, which is fragile and not suitable for international usage.
  • "You"-transformation messages aren't protected against zero-width spaces in links (though this doesn't seem to be a problem in practice).