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This page exists to discuss and scope changes to the existing Camino Safebrowsing UI copied from Firefox 3.0.


For screenshots of UI in various applications, see

Bugs and Improvements

To see existing open follow-up bugs, see the dependency tree.

Outright Bugs

  • "Why is this site blocked" button on malware site does not go to the SB diagnostic page for the site - Bug 476596

UE improvements


  • Do we want to provide users notification when the service is not running (because it hasn't had an update?)
    • Safari does this in the prefs, which is pretty useless
Consensus at the 2009-07-29 meeting is this is not needed for 2.0


  • murph would like to right-align the buttons like a standard dialogue
Get Me Out of Here!
  • Currently goes "Back"
    • What happens if you arrive on a bad site via a redirect?
    • We should adopt one of the other browsers' behaviors
    • The button text doesn't give a clear indication of where "out of here!" is
  • Firefox goes "Home" (and to "Start" if "Home" is a blocked site)
  • Safari closes the page (button is labeled as such)
  • Opera goes "Home" (button is labeled as such)
Ignore this warning
  • Currently gives no warning/rationale why you should not do this before or when clicking (contra SSL error page)
  • Currently visible by default (contra SSL error page)
  • Safari gives a warning (malware only): [1]
  • Safari uses a button, not a link
    • murph would prefer this be a button, situated on the same line as "Get Me Out of Here!", and have "Why is this site blocked?" become a link

Site icon

  • FIXED We have a "blocked" site icon to land when Bug 441732 is fixed.
  • We should consider making the blocked site icon persist while on the bad site (along with the persistent "we really think this site is bad" bar) to counteract any site icon-recognition ambiguity.

Blocker Bar

  • FIXED We should adopt the Firefox 3.1 model where the bar also contains "Get me out of here" and "This isn't {a web forgery|an attack site}"
  • Opera has no blocker bar, but they do place a warning in the location bar (both on the blocker page and after clicking through).

Preferences UI

  • FIXED Bug 436968
    • Firefox has checkboxes for both phishing and malware
    • Safari and Opera have a single checkbox