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A discordant note about the tab bar

[02:47am] ardissone: it seems to me that the whole point of scrolling is to ensure that the active tab is also visible on the tab bar
[02:47am] froodian: absolutely
[02:47am] ardissone: and we don't really accomplish that
[02:48am] ardissone: I think the only way to accomplish that, actually, is to use the overflow menus
[02:48am] froodian: use them how?
[02:48am] ardissone: and when a tab is selected, scroll the bar so that the selected tab is in a fixed place (leftmost ?)
[02:49am] ardissone: (plus make the keystrokes scroll, too, if you want to go 1-by-1)
[02:49am] froodian: that works too. that might be better than my idea (have overflow buttons scroll a whole tab-bar worth
[02:49am] ardissone: in the current impl, you have two ways of moving through tabs
[02:50am] ardissone: neither one of them keeps the current tab's widget in view
[02:50am] ardissone: what we should have
[02:51am] ardissone: is one way that does it that lets you go tab-by-tab (the kybd shortcuts)
[02:51am] ardissone: (which change focus through each)
[02:51am] ardissone: and one way that lets you jump, with only one focus change
[02:51am] froodian: wishes delliott were here to hear this

[02:52am] ardissone: we also have to think about FKA and tabs
[02:52am] froodian: oh yeah
[02:52am] ardissone: that should probably work like the shortcut
[02:53am] ardissone: essentially the same behavior with a different keystroke (just the arrow) in FKA
[02:53am] froodian: yeah, just without loading each tab as we move through them
[02:54am] ardissone: right, i think
[02:55am] ardissone: except in os tabs, moving activates
[02:55am] ardissone: so this should really be identical to the cmd-opt-arrow behavior
[02:55am] froodian: oh
[02:55am] froodian: right
[02:56am] froodian: what's the point in doing all the work to make them FKA accessible then?
[02:56am] froodian: if they're accessible anyway through the menu?
[02:56am] ardissone: for people who like to tab around the page
[02:57am] froodian: sigh. Yet another obstacle between the location bar and content pane
[02:57am] ardissone: only with FKA on
[02:58am] froodian: yeah. get used to it or turn off the pref, I guess
[02:58am] ardissone: yep
[02:58am] ardissone: safari does it already, so