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Things I need to do for cb.o/support, cb.o/development, or triage:


  • All the Support updates/fixes from my sticky note

support/Hidden Prefs

  • "this is how you make all cookies expire on quit"
    • "except for existing cookies and whitelisted sites"
    • "Setting network.cookie.lifetimePolicy to foo will cause Camino to automatically accept all new cookies and keep them for the duration of the browser session" - "until you quit Camino"
  • chimera.log_js_to_console
  • camino.accept.lang
  •  ??? pac override (already on proxies page; why duplicate it)
  • user_pref("browser.display.use_document_fonts", 0); (font-face, not size)
  • user.js plain text "creating"; not running
  • bookmarks keywords: just a ref to the extensive documentation in support/docs/bookmarks


  • annoyances/#hostperm: link to new hostperm.1 mZ kb article
    • create hostperm.1 if needed; edit when not running
  • security: p12 certifs (restore, not import)
  • bookmarks:
    • To make the newly-imported bookmarks appear in the bookmarks menu or bookmark bar
    • bm import->move bm from collection to bar
      Maybe put this in sup/docs/bookmarks since I'm editing that anyway?
      With a reference to it from the keyword.enabled entry? NO
    • Documentation on sorting?
      Implement bookmark sorting (really arranging) in Camino.
      • Selecting a single folder will sort its children.
      • Selecting two or more items will sort them together.
      • Holding down the Option key will do a deep sort of all selected items.
      • If nothing is selected, the current collection is sorted (if allowed).
  • passwords in FAQ - ???? (what the heck was this?)




  • relnotes: We want to know what you think! Be sure to contact us and let us know what you think. ????
  • Each header should have an id/anchor for easy linking


  • features/ has old links into docs


  • access keys on community sidebar, but not on blogs.cb.o
  • /community/ :"community-related" ?
    Welcome to the community center of the Camino project. Here you will find a gathering of Camino related news and other bits of information by its developers, keeping you up to date with every step forward.


QA Stuff

add these to relevant QA pages when Sam starts them