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Right now we (apparently) have to update too many different things to get all of our alert messages changed. We need to try to get this down to a system where we really only have to change one input (the version number[s]) when we release.

According to Sam, we currently display four different messages depending on what Camino you're using.

  • If you're on 1.0.x other than 1.0.6, we'll show the "You need to update" message.
  • If you're on 1.0.6 we'll show the "You might want to upgrade if you're on 10.3"
  • If you're on 1.5 we show the "You need to update" message (but it goes to a different link than the 1.0.x one)
  • And if you're on 1.5.1 we show nothing, but it's a specific message.
  • There is also a message for users of recent nightlies (and hopefully one for people running nightlies that are too old)

Solution Scratchpad

Define the message text like so:

  • msg_legacyBranch: You're using an old version of Camino $(ver_legacyBranch). Please upgrade to $(ver_legacy) [a href=cbo/releases/$(ver_legacy)/] [a href=cbo/download/$(ver_legacy)/] if you are on 10.2, or $(ver_current) [a href=cbo/releases/$(ver_current)/] [a href=cbo/download/$(ver_current)/] if you are on 10.3 or higher.
  • msg_legacyBranch_latest:
  • msg_currentBranch:
  • msg_currentBranch_latest:
  • msg_oldNightly: You are using nightly build older than two weeks; please upgrade to a new nightly....
  • msg_recentNightly: Thanks for testing; please report any bugs you find.
  • msg_currentBeta: (Thanks for testing during beta periods|Upgrade to release after beta periods)
  • msg_previousBeta: (Upgrade to the new beta during beta periods|Upgrade to release after beta periods)

Define four variables that are updated manually, one set updated with each release and one set only with branch changes:

  • ver_legacy = 1.0.6
  • ver_current = 1.5.1
  • ver_legacyBranch = 1.0
  • ver_currentBranch = 1.5
  • ver_currentBeta =
  • ver_previousBeta =

Write our code such that

if userVer = ver_current
        then show msg_currentRel_latest
     if userVer = ver_legacy
        then show msg_legacyRel_latest
     if userVer matches ver_currentBranch AND userVer < ver_current
        then show msg_currentBranch
     if userVer matches ver_legacyBranch AND userVer < ver_legacy
        then show msg msg_legacyBranch
     if (nightly)
        then ...
     if (otherbrowser)
        then ...

This basic code is run on every page that does version-or-browser specific messaging (home, start, welcome); if different messages are desired, we just add messages (e.g., msg_homeSafari, msg_homeFirefox, msg_homeCamino) and reuse the same code with a different message branch (set).