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Instead of having to go through all of cb.o/support and finding what needs to be changed (ugh), this page will be an on-going list of changes that need to be made due to checkins since 1.0.

Hidden Prefs


  • Remove UA spoofing stuff rewrote instead to point at PMC generically
  • camino.viewsource_in_tab View source in tab (defaults to false, aka window) done
  • camino.disable_bonjour done
  • browser.backspace_action done
  • // bring download window to the front when each download starts done
    • default is true; set to false to only focus the first time opened
  • Remove "always use fonts" (has a GUI now) done
  • Forcing "all" cookies to expire on quit/make "all" cookies session cookies already done for 1.0.x
    "Session cookies" are automatically discarded when you quit the browser. To force cookies to expire on quit, set the network.cookie.lifetimePolicy pref to 2. Note that this will NOT expire any cookies you have already accepted, nor will it change the policy applied to sites in your Exceptions List. Setting this pref will also prevent you from being asked each time a site wants to set a cookie.

    user_pref("network.cookie.lifetimePolicy", 2);
  • Single-window mode tweaking: done

replace existing pseudo-swm prefs

// Force new windows into tabs
// (Firefox 1.0+ builds have a UI for this pref in the Options dialog)
user_pref("", 3);
// Make the above pref apply only to targeted links, not
user_pref("", 1);
Those values need to be 1 and 0, respectively, to make all "new" window types open in the *same/original* window and to apply to all calls; there's also some flexibility in the latter to only apply to calls that don't specify size, etc..
IMO should be set to 2 (divert only if no size/foo called) by default when SWM is set to reuse or new tab and people who object wildly (like me) can set it to 0 (divert all manually via about:config or user.js.
  • Links from other applications: reuse is no longer in GUI; expose here? done
  • set camino.enable_tabjumpback to false to disable jumpback done
  • The profile directory can now be customized with the environment variable CAMINO_PROFILE_DIR set to a custom path. done
    • This also makes it possible to run more than one Camino instance, as long as they're running from different profiles.
    • Example:

export CAMINO_PROFILE_DIR=~/Documents/MyTestProfile

  • turn off crash recovery? no



  • Popup blocker now invades the content area; new options; on by default; Policy in the Exceptions List done
    • needs new image img
  • Flashblock (also the q&d whitelist) done



  • New ways to change the folder used as the Dock menu (kinda) um? CM worked in 1.0.x
  • Restoring from bookmarks.plist.bak this is not really necessary with auto-backup
  • Import should be faster now deleted the note about slow/large
  • Move "Bookmarks Toolbar" folder items to the Bookmarks Toolbar collection already describes this
  • s/keyword/shortcut/ (plus links from support/) done

Privacy & Security


  • new image needed for cookies (you -> I)
  • Session cookies (new option in the "ask" sheet, in new "Policy" option, "Allow for Session", in the Exceptions List.
    • These cookies will be deleted when you quit Camino
    • If you chose "remember" and "allow for session", cookies from the site will be automatically allowed each time you visit and automatically deleted each time you quit Camino
    • To force all new cookies to be session cookies (without asking at all; disables all forms of asking, but respects pre-existing white/blacklists and set cookies), see the Hidden Prefs
    See, this is too complicated to explain already :P
  • Clicking on the lock icon in the location bar now pops up the menu to allow showing page info or the certificate information for the site (ctrl-clicking still works).
  • Personal certif (UI now)
  • auth/Kerberos? no


done (text)

  • Search field is resizable, collapsible (but always on right of location bar) done
    • This needs new images (with the splitter and new looking glass)
  • Search CM done
    • This probably needs a new image


done (text)

  • Trash button done
    • We could use the image here, for parity img
  • Options to remove successful downloads automatically (when completed, on quit, manually) done
  • Downloads window toggle done

Tabbed Browsing

done (text)

  • needs new top image with the no-text toolbar
  • Single-Window mode: links that would otherwise open new windows can be diverted into new tabs
    • xref the tweaking bit in Hidden Prefs above? not unless we get lots of feedback
  • Jumpback: when opening a new foreground tab via cmd-click, via single-window mode, or "Open in New Tab" context menu item, Camino returns to the original tab when closing the new tab (as long as the user has not otherwise changed tabs).
    • xref the hidden pref? not unless we get lots of feedback
  • Bookmarking a tab group now suggests a name that includes the number of tabs
  • The "reuse" setting in "Links from other applications" was removed; set hidden pref instead. not unless we get lots of feedback; covered in Hidden Prefs
  • Verify this page matches the new UI seems OK



  • audit plugin versions
  • links from other apps (compare with tabs, hidden prefs)
  • move norwegian note from FAQ to "Determining which language" (maybe ref norwegian in the FAQ?)
  • some web pages: add plugins, flashblock
  • what else?

Keyboard Shortcuts

done I think

  • Cmd-1..Cmd-9 to load the Nth bookmark or tab group from the Bookmark Bar
  • Cmd-Opt-R for Reload All Tabs, Cmd-Shift-R for Force Reload Page, Cmd-Shift-Opt-R for Force Reload All Tabs
  • Cmd-Opt-M to Minimize All windows
  • Cmd-Opt-W to Close All Windows
  • Cmd-0 to make text default font size
  • Opt-Zoom to Zoom All windows (awkward)
  • Shift-Zoom to maximize to screen (not really a shortcut)

We need to document a number of our other "hidden" shortcuts, too, e.g., Cmd-Return in the Location Bar to open current URL in new tab, Opt-Return to download/save (which is it?) current URL, etc.

Cmd/Shift toggles for view-source skipped this one, history and bookmarks;

Tab/Tab strip CM, Page CM skipped these

Menu Cleanup

  • Cmd-K = Bookmark with sheet (also Cmd-D)
  • Cmd-Shift-K = Bookmark with no sheet
  • Cmd-Opt-K = Bookmark as tab group with sheet
  • Cmd-Shift-Opt-K = Bookmark as tab group no sheet
  • Bookmark Info/Page Info (instead of Get Info)



  • New features
    • zoom
    • RSS (in the location bar; needs to be somewhere in the new docs) :(
    • Session saving and crash restoration
    • Spelling
  • How do I remove a word I accidentally added to the spell-checker
    This is really an OS issue, but people will ask us :-(
  • The system spell-checker doesn't support my language; how do I use spellcheck?
    This is also really an OS issue, but people are already asking us, or filing bugs to make us switch to myspell :-(
    • The same way you use spellcheck in any other Mac OS X: you install a plugin to the Mac OS X spelling system that provides a dictionary for your language! cocoAspell supports dictionaries for 74 languages; for Hungarian speakers, MySpellX adds Hungarian to the system spell-checker, and for Hebrew speakers, Hebrew Spelling Service plugs Hspell into the system spell-checker. Soikko Mac OS X:lle does the same for Finnish speakers.
  • How do I change the spelling language used in Camino?
    • use the hacky "panel via CM via chrome text field" method
  • How do I fill out forms? done pre1.5
  • Something about feeds needs to be somewhere (see above)
  • Make sure we have something about passwords and Keychain somewhere (FAQ? nothing in security)
  • Feature the FAQ more prominently in Support home for 1.1
    • Possibly even make cb.o/support the FAQ, and put the documentation elsewhere
      • If we do that, then add a new header below Troubleshooting listing all the main Docs pages (so people scrolling down rather than looking to the right still find the detailed documentation)
  • Trim the existing FAQ
    done*# Get rid of "Is Camino Free" and "Why Use Camino" (combine anything relevant into "What is Camino")
    1. Get rid of "What happened to Chimera"
    2. Get rid of "Is Cm more secure than IE"
    3. s/Customizing Camino/Using Camino/g
  • Bug 366460 - FAQ on AppleScript/Director thing sucks