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Instead of having to go through all of cb.o/support and finding what needs to be changed (ugh), this page will be an on-going list of changes that need to be made due to checkins since 2.0.

XXX need to correlate this with relnotes (2.1a1, 2.1b1, 2.1b2, 2.1rc), since both fell behind

Hidden Prefs

  • Disabling plug-ins:
    • To disable a plug-in:
      • First find its name: choose “Installed Plug-Ins” from the “Help” menu and look for the name of the desired plug-in in big, bold text, e.g. “Shockwave Flash”.
      • Then visit about:config and set the camino.disabled_plugin_names hidden preference to a unique prefix made up from the start of the plug-in name, e.g. “Shockw”.
      • Additional plug-ins can be disabled by separating the prefix strings with semicolons (;).
    • The plug-ins are disabled immediately in any and all windows and tabs.

  • inline autocomplete text refers only to history currently
  • DNS prefetch prefs (Bug 493474; applies only to new tab/window
  • disable autocomplete?? - "browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled" to false - this pref isn't new; no reason to add it now
  • "network.manage-offline-status" to false to turn off auto-offline - wait-and-see
  • web app storage "don't ask" pref aka universally allow Bug 529918 - wait-and-see, no real-world use yet
  • Removal of "Always use my page and link colors" from UI; flip "browser.display.use_document_colors" to false to break sites.
  • Color management hidden pref has changed to "gfx.color_management.mode" (default 2, "tagged graphics only") [1]
  • Reuse window for external changed to; 1 for reuse.
  • Remove status bar user defaults, since there's UI now
  • Remove the special 2.1 CSS classes in hiddenprefs


  • Need updated pop-up blocker screenshot because of new location bar [2]
  • Update disable Java note (off by default)
  • Update disable plug-ins note to mention pref for specific plug-ins
  • Update ad-blocking note to mention overriding ad-blocking


Privacy & Security

  • May need to update for new certerror page - nope, seems OK
  • Plug-in blocklisting
  • Need new location bar screenshot [3]


  • search CM new tab/window change
  • SSL default engines


Tabbed Browsing

  • Audit to make sure Cmd-click and external links both default to tabs now.
  • Need new screenshot because of new location bar [4]



  • Update all search plug-ins

Keyboard Shortcuts


  • Online mode?
  • Simple UI-less Gecko extensions?

General changes

  • Mention autocomplete somewhere in docs???



Other website changes for 2.1

  • Press will need new Downloads screenshot
  • Features will need new Downloads+Growl screenshot - pulled
  • Features will need autocomplete screenshot + mini version
    (load all default bookmarks to get site icons, then put up a few tabs, then search on "Apple")
  • Fix versions.js/ua-messages* to handle 2.1 and 2.1rc1 properly (see Bug 699335)