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This page needs to be redone.

Please report all issues with the current Camino website below:

Sam's todo list

  • Bug 292780 - Create /download/releases Page Listing Releases
  • Bug 293093 - Main Page needs list of support languages
  • JS switcher image that includes the cb.o home page needs to be updated (™ -> ® in the cb.o header)

Smokey's issues and typos found

Proto-Style Guide


We need to split the Community section up a little bit, into more discreet community/promotion and press/media parts.

  • Dedicated page for media contact info and possibly logos/screenshots
  • Need an archive of official press releases
  • If the sidebar is going to be updated on a rolling basis as new super-nifty reviews come out, an "archived reviews" section of past media coverage might be nice....


  • Each heading in the relnotes should have an anchor, so linking to "known issues" will actually jump to the known issues