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Non-exhaustive list of issues with the page

  1. Ability to push design/header/footer updates
  2. <title> should be "Camino. Contribute. Donate", not " Camino. Contribute. Donate | Camino"
  3. Missing the * that indicates MoFo can do whatever with the money if it decides to
  4. What in the @#$# mailing list are MoFo signing our donors up to?
  5. No more recurring donations? (i don't really care; just checking)
  6. The big orange "Continue" button (it's an image, no alt, orange, wrong font, etc.)
  7. the by-mail donation stuff is structurally in the wrong place and the wrong element type
  8. The Questions and Tax Exempt Status sections should
    • be headers with following paragraphs
    • not be two-column
  9. Font sizes are inconsistent (mostly the above sections, but also the form labels)
  10. Do they really need 20+ scripts included?
  11. Webfonts when we get Amasis deployed
  12. All the form labels are lower-case
  13. "You will be prompted to provide your PayPal account information upon clicking the Process Contribution button": where is that button?
  14. All of the error text is in lower-case and missing periods
  15. The error text for payment options items messes up the layout of that section
  16. "card numberrequired field" and "expirationrequired field" are not acceptable error text; most of the field have this problem (submit an entirely empty form)
  17. Email address isn't required when mailing-list is checked!?
  18. The print form has a place for T-shirt size; the others do not
  19. What is the post-submission experience?