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  • Camino-like skin, and can't cause designers too much trouble getting there
  • Simple, common, HTML-like syntax for links, bold, lists, etc.
  • Post preview
  • Private messaging
  • Feed-generation ability
  • Spam-resistant registration
  • Decent search





  • Pros:
    • foo
  • Cons:
    • bar


  • Needs a Camino-like skin
    • The color differentiation between discussions with new content and those without needs to be stronger (at least on the "All Discussions" flat page) (too many light pastels)
  • Move "Start a New Discussion" link next to "All Discussions" (on the flat page) / "Categories" / "Category Name"
    That's where it is in the existing forum, and I find myself not noticing it in the lefthand sidebar
  • Posting page needs links to BBCode and Markdown syntax references
    Not everyone will be familiar with these already (i.e., new Camino users, first time to the forum)


  • BBCode lists work fine in the preview but are broken in the actual post (only the first item is converted into a list item); see this post, "How do I know what processor..." section)
  • How do we do PM? froodian turned on “whispers” but neither of us can find how/where to do it....


  • Upgrade to the current version