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Since Camino's website is housed in CVS, we have setup a staging server which shows the contents of the CVS modules immediately after check in. A staging server allows the web team to verify changes before publishing to the live (and more visible) server.

Staging Servers

Currently, there are two staging servers for the respective languages is in. They are:

Each localized site will have it's own staging server.

Publishing to Live

Currently, there are three people which can publish a site to the live, bona fide domain. They are Samuel Sidler, Nate Weaver, and Max Ruderburg.

When you feel your site is ready to be published to live, contact one of the web team and they'll verify your changes, making sure nothing is out of place. For translations, the web team will verify that the page is organized properly and "looks" right (nothing is wrong with the structure or design).

Sites can be published to live separately from each other, meaning can be updated without updating

Gaining Access to Publish to Live

While currently there are only three people who can publish to live, there can be more later. Additions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis but will specifically require the person to have a clear eye for detail.