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Since the release of Camino 1.0, there has been added interest in translating to other languages. Here, we discuss our overall policy on letting teams translate our website into other languages.

The External Method

Some sites will desire to translate our website outside of (as opposed to the preferred method below). They are allowed to do that, but must note our licensing and attribution information below.


All of's written word is copyrighted by the Camino Project. This includes its documentation, wiki, and any other entries made. The only exception to this are the blogs which individual contributors write; the blogs are fully copyrighted by their authors.

That said, all of the above (minus the individual blogs located at is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license. This, we feel, is the closest "text" representation to the MPL we can find. You are free to use all of our written word elsewhere (including commercial works) but must provide attribution to us (see below). In addition, the work you distribute must be licensed under the same license we used.

Please note that this license does not include the look and feel of our website. That, and our images, remain under copyright and require our express, written permission to use them (email or other modern equivalents of "written" are fine).

Providing Attribution

Since our license requires you to provide attribution, we'd like to give you some of the ways you can provide attribution.

Firstly, attribution must be visible on your translation in both English and the language which you have translated the site to.

Secondly, your site must include a link back to in its attribution message.

The Preferred Method

While you can host your translated website elsewhere, the Camino Project prefers that you work with us and translate the website to be hosted as an official Camino website.

An example of how this can be done is exactly what the Japanese localization project did and can be seen at

Gaining Access

Since Camino uses CVS, we don't hand out accounts to anyone. Accounts are given to those who have demostrated within the community that they can be trusted. We'll be a bit more lax on this than with the English website by saying that those part of official l10n projects will be given access quicker than normal.

That said, teams should begin to translate the website prior to gaining access to the server. If a team has completely translated the website, they'll most definitely get access.

Getting Started

To see how to get started, check the Website:Translation:Projects page.