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Camino source code and binaries are available under different licensing schemes, and there are currently some unresolved issues regarding these licenses and their requirements. This page also discusses a few issues related to trademark status

Source Code

All Camino source code on the trunk, like all Mozilla source code, is available under the MPL/LGPL/GPL Tri-License. Most (though perhaps not all) of the code on the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and MOZILLA_1_8_0_BRANCH is also under the tri-license; any code on these two branches that is not under the tri-license is available under either the MPL or NPL or both.

Possible Issues

  • License status of the application ("toolbar" et al.) images is unclear (rf. debate in the mZ forum a year or so ago)
    • The status and "usage rights" for these images needs to be clarified and posted on the cb.o website somewhere.
    • If the Camino application images are not tri-licensed, there should be an appropriate readme file associated with them in cvs and in the application binary.
      • This is already done for non-tri-licensed files in certain mozilla/ directories [1]
    Bug 360573 filed on this general issue
  • The Camino logo is not listed among the logos that are trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation on but this post in the mZ forum implies it is a trademark
    • If the logo is a Mozilla Foundation trademark, the above-referenced web page should be modified to include that, too.
    • Similarly, if the application logo is protected as a trademark, there should be some notice of this in cvs and in the application.
    Official trademarking work for the logo is ongoing in Bug 370467
  • .nib and .strings files have no license blocks
    • "Trivial, empty, very short or auto-generated files may be left without a license." [2]
      That might cover .nibs ("auto-generated")?
    • " has created this formal policy governing licenses to be used for source files stored in our CVS repository" [3] (emphasis mine)
      Perhaps binary files are excluded?


The official Camino binaries are available under an EULA in order to protect the Camino® trademark. Nightly builds as well as release builds display the EULA when mounting the .dmg (since Bug 309693).


  • Wrong EULA on the .dmg
    • EULA is currently the "Mozilla Corporation End-User License Agreement" though Camino is neither a Mozilla Corporation or Mozilla Foundation product (the Foundation does, however, own the trademark). FIXED in Bug 353753
  • about:license in Camino contains the following misleading and/or incorrect statement:
    Official binaries of this product released by the Mozilla Corporation are made available under the corresponding EULA.
    The about:license issue is filed as Bug 353917. FIXED
    Version for toolkit about:license is filed as Bug 368091.
  • Camino is not a product of the Mozilla Corporation, so it should not ship under the Corporation EULA nor should about:license imply that official binaries of Camino are released by the Corporation.
    • EULA and about:license inconsistency are loosely covered by the discussion in Bug 343220
    • When this situation is resolved, we need to clarify the "license block" on cb.o, jp.cb.o, and any other translations of cb.o that may be live by that time, Bug 365629.

Possible Issues

  • What license should the nightly builds use?
    • Verify this in the discussion in Bug 343220; Camino always ships with the "Camino" trademark, so it seems it should always use the EULA
  • about:license is not exposed in Camino UI
    • However, in projects, about:license also fulfills the "Initial Developers" notification required by Section 3.3b of the MPL:
      You must include a prominent statement that the Modification is derived, directly or indirectly, from Original Code provided by the Initial Developer and including the name of the Initial Developer in (a) the Source Code, and (b) in any notice in an Executable version or related documentation in which You describe the origin or ownership of the Covered Code.
    • Since we mention copyright and contributors in our About Camino dialog, it seems we should, at the minimum, mention about:license there.
      • Note that for various reasons (chrome privileges, default browser issues) there are no live links in that window (it's a standard RTF-based Mac OS X About box); will a similar "type about:license for license information" suffice to fulfill this requirement?
    • Bug 353920 filed on about:license FIXED
  • The EULA should be localized (it's quite silly that opening the ml dmg the very first thing you get is a English-only window), but we can't rely on the small amount of volunteers we have for translation of legalese. We could have 2 main scenarios:
    • We simply translate the EULA from English, knowing that such a license could be ineffective in certain countries
    • We find legal advice for the localization of the EULA
    We will do this (based on Mo* EULAs); Bug 363010.


The name "Camino" is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Foundation for use in relation to certain categories of software; the Mozilla Foundation has licensed the trademark to the Camino Project for use in relation to the Camino® web browser.

Possible Issues

  • See above section for issue about trademark status of Camino logo; Bug 370467
  • Should the hi-res logo image(s) be publicly available for anyone, or should there be an "ask us" policy (on a future improved "press/media" page)?
  • Should there be a statement on cb.o regarding trademark usage and linking to the Mozilla (Foundation) Trademark Policy?
    • Technically, all internet domain names containing Mozilla Foundation trademarks in whole or in part must be pre-approved by the Foundation before anyone may obtain them, and related software should not use, in whole or in part, Foundation trademarks, under the over-arching goal of being non-confusing.
    • The Camino Project has, in the past, been permissive about seeking Foundation enforcement of these usages as most cases have been deemed "non-confusing", but the Project reserves the right to seek redress in cases where usage may be considered confusing (Bug 343064), and the Foundation ultimately has the right to pursue any non-licensed usage regardless of the Project's opinions.


Once all of these are resolved, we need to fix any issues with our websites.

  • License block on cb.o/jp.cb.o
  • Note about trademark usage (Possible Issues under Trademarks above)
  • Availability of hi-res logo and other logo/wordmark issues for "Community" and "Press" pages
  • Caminol10n has an incorrect statement on its homepage about product ownership