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Camino contributors are currently recognized two places: Development:Project Structure on this wiki (formerly on the website), and among the Mozilla contributors in about:credits.

For Camino 1.1, the following policies were used to determine which contributors were listed:

Project Structure

Contributors from the previous release who have not met these standards will be removed when the page is updated for the next release.

(At some point our goal is to provide an additional page listing all contributors to Camino/Chimera during its history, which will list every contributor we can identify, regardless of whether that contributor is still active in the Camino Project.)


  • Contributed at least 3 Camino-specific patches to code, or
  • Contributed a patch for a significant new feature in Camino 1.1, or
  • Participated regularly as a reviewer of Camino code at some point during the time period.

Those who contributed graphics or css/design work, even within the application itself, should be listed in the Graphics & Web Design section instead.

Graphics & Web Design

  • TBD

Website & Documentation

  • TBD

Bug Triage

  • TBD Credits

  • Any new contributor who meets the criteria above will be submitted by the Camino Project to for inclusion in the credits.