Status Meetings:2006-08-14:Agenda

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Mon 14 Aug 9am PDT (1600 GMT) in #camino

General Plans

  • Issues
    1. Reviewing
      • Wait times are very long (over a month in many cases) even with only seeking single r
      • Too few reviewers
      • Queue gets backed up in one place, then cleared and backed up elsewhere
      • What's realistic/reasonable to expect/ask?

Specific bugs that need action

  • Reply to bz in the scrollbars bugs - Bug 160627 (and Bug 324907, the regression)
  • Bug 348171 - slow deleting - get it on someone's radar (brettw or Gecko folks)
  • Bug 328173 - User:Froodian:MenuCleanup
  • Bug 333765 - use Carbon call or alternates or ?
    • Decision needed
    • Carbon breaks 3rd-party mice
    • Alternates has smfr worried about perf
    • Current (Cocoa) requires keydown before invoking menu (regression, and dataloss until we have undo)
  • Investigation of bookmark loss (and specifically the failure of the backup mechanism) - Bug 337750
  • Creative thinking on the spellcheck cursor positioning bug - Bug 343296
  • Fixing the SSL2/weak ciphers "(null)" issue - Bug 343837
  • Lots of decisions need to be made on parts of fixing pop-up bar UI - meta Bug 343938
  • Code architecture decision re Bug 303085 (no secure indicator with toolbar hidden) (Wevah has working code)