Status Meetings:2006-09-05

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This is an overall summary of the meeting we had. If you see any issues with it, feel free to edit the page (and note where in the log you're citing from).

Camino 1.0.3

mento will mini-branch and spin an RC this evening. l10n is looking good (6-10 of 16); marcello will update this evening. Still roughly on-target for a release with on Thurs.

Bugs and Patches

froodian now has cvs access and made his first checkins this morning. That will help, but regular reviews are still the main hold-up.

Camino 1.1

see "Bugs and Patches"

Bug 337750 - bookmarks-corrupted-n.plist often written as empty file

pinkerton gave rs on the logging patch conditioned on a review; we should also do a custom 1.0.x build with the logging code for people unwilling to try nightlies.

[needs checkin] and 1.0.3 relnotes

froodian did the [needs checkin] list this morning; mento should do relnotes.

Bug 322374 - Crash [@ libobjc.A.dylib.227.0.0] when clearing download list

Re-closed as it's not the same; someone needs to open a new bug on the new crash.

Bug 283100 - Growl global notifications in Camino for completed downloads

Much discussion; see the log. pinkerton said we won't include anything, but weak-linking would be OK. hwaara updated the bug.

Bug 346111, Bug 351008, unfiled bug from ss, Wevah and maxr

Nothing productive here. The autocomplete bug needs to be filed. Also, hwaara wants to fix Bug 346111 but needs some pointers.


Also, cl is mostly back now. There was much cheering.