Status Meetings:2006-12-20

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This is an overall summary of the meeting we had. If you see any issues with it, feel free to edit the page (and note where in the log you're citing from).


ardissone, froodian, mento, murph, pinkerton, smorgan

Executive Summary

  • Meeting as usual next week
  • Camino 1.1a2 set for 5 Jan
    • Get those big bugs fixed/reviewed/landed
    • Give pink a priority list
    • pink will be in MV for two weeks after the new year
    • pink needs a new-ish milestone build for his talk on the 11th
  • Camino 1.0.4 set for "after 1.1a2"
    • Looking for volunteers to backport the Keychain Services patch to 1.8.0_BRANCH for smorgan
  • Think hard about alternative pop-up UI ideas
  • Enjoy the holidays!