Status Meetings:2007-07-11:Agenda

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Wed 11 Jul 9am PST (16:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.5
    • Still cleaning up stuff from the website switch; file bugs against Product Site if you see anything
    • Talkback
      • Largely 1passwd (and to a lesser extent CaminoSession)
      • Crash on quit ("pass-the-buck" Core Bug 349463) is #1
      • A few other other-than-normal crashes with high counts could use investigation [1], [2]
    • Need a 1.5ML v3 to fix some nasty ML issues (mostly German, Portugese), Spanish tweaks, and to add Norwegian
  • Camino 1.5.1
    • Gecko 1.8.15 set for end of July
  • Camino 1.0.6
    • Keychain is busted on 10.2, so we need a 1.0.6 (patch is ready; need to chat about release note)
  • Camino 1.6
    • Scoping (modified somewhat by meet-up; needs updating)
      • Bugzilla re-triaged before the meet-up, but needs changes to sync with meet-up changes
    • Week-long tree closure due to Bug 386653; mento took the beating and fixed it
      • Due to Camino tree closure, a fair number of patches with r/sr+ are awaiting checkin
  • Camino Meet-up
    • some sort of summary is supposed to be made available on the wiki?
    • Sam needs to blog some stuff
  • SoC 2007
    • first patches up for both projects
  • Tinderboxen
    • past turn-off date, but they're still running at MoFoCo
    • 10.3 dead on the trunk very soon; need to upgrade pawn and others to do parallel perf for a bit
    • ss is having fun with "lento" on MozillaTest
  • Bookmark loss
    • start watching for data from newer-than-1.1b builds
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • r queue very high in relation the amount of development (11 r? are older than one week; seem to be in a rut here), and still several untargeted r? patches. Please mind your (super)review queues.

Specific bugs that need action


  • Bug 384796 - Call to |nsIStringBundleOverride| always beats the embedding calls
    • Waiting on bsmedberg?


Other (if there's time)

  • Bug 386915 - Display a warning dialogue at launch on 10.3 after trunk goes 10.4-only
    • is crashing at startup is better than not launching without any feedback?
  • UNCOs
    • Bug 385791 - Context-menu (Google) search should open in new tab/window
    • Bug 384689 - Switch inline autofill pref from NSUserDefaults to browser.urlbar.autoFill
    • Bug 374553 - History cannot be used as Dock menu
    • Bug 365014 - Camino does not use shared cookie storage
    • Bug 376930 - Overflow tab menu covers whole upper right part of my screen
  • Bug 332384 - Eliminate dependency on xpcomObsoleteModule (libxpcom_compat.dylib)
  • Bug 175651 - CJK (at least Chinese and Japanese) font Preferences changes not applied to any CJK Web page
    • landed on all branches; in theory trunk should be OK now, but we need some testing+filing bugs against Core (at the very least, for changing default Core font prefs to Cocoa names)
  • Need to keep an eye on trunk regressions, determine if they're Camino-only or partly/wholly Core, and consider requesting blocking1.9? for the latter set.


Camino 1.6


  • Review (15) [+4 since two weeks ago] 4 untargeted
  • Superreview (5) [+1 since two weeks ago]