Status Meetings:2007-08-01:Agenda

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Wed 01 Aug 9am PST (16:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.5
    • Still cleaning up stuff from the website switch; file bugs against Product Site if you see anything
    • Talkback
      • Largely 1passwd (and to a lesser extent CaminoSession)
      • Crash on quit ("pass-the-buck" Core Bug 349463) is #1
      • A few other other-than-normal crashes with high counts could use investigation:
        [1] ([@ nsDocumentObserverList::RemoveElement]; hang or crash at startup),
        [2] ([@ DesktopServicesPriv.67.0.0]; crash when downloading)
  • Camino 1.5.1
    • Gecko out
    • Any ideas on the Talkback-provided crashes?
    • Need relnote landing + bookmarks logging cleanup (see Bug 337750 below) + localized dmg instructions + tag massage for scroll arrows; all else has landed
    • When?
  • Camino 1.0.6
    • Gecko coming soon(ish); sync with that
    • Need relnote landing; all else has landed
    • Need to get our 10.2 forum guy to test a build
  • Camino 1.6
    • Scoping (modified somewhat by meet-up; needs updating)
      • Bugzilla re-triaged before the meet-up, but needs changes to sync with meet-up changes
  • Camino Meet-up
    • some sort of summary is supposed to be made available on the wiki?
    • Sam needs to blog some stuff
  • SoC 2007
  • Tinderboxen
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • Spending lots of time wack-a-mole trunk bustages/breakages. hwaara on vacation this week, but he has some cycles to help with reviewing when he's back. Queues still a bit heavy; one sr request is part of the 1.5.1 blockage.

Specific bugs that need action



  • Bug 337750 - bookmarks-corrupted-n.plist often written as empty file
    This is blocking 1.5.1, and is blocked on needing pink to sr


Other (if there's time)

  • Bug 389683 - Reports of trunk causing huge memory usage in WindowServer
    needs pink sr
  • UNCOs
    • Bug 376930 - Overflow tab menu covers whole upper right part of my screen
  • Bug 175651 - CJK (at least Chinese and Japanese) font Preferences changes not applied to any CJK Web page
    • landed on all branches; in theory trunk should be OK now, but we need some testing+filing bugs against Core (at the very least, for changing default Core font prefs to Cocoa names)
  • Need to keep an eye on trunk regressions, determine if they're Camino-only or partly/wholly Core, and consider requesting blocking1.9? for the latter set.
  • Proposal to resolve Bug 343499 (F4M bug) as INVALID; it's becoming a very attractive nuisance and a lot of people really aren't getting the idea that it's not a bug in Camino. I (cl) don't see how keeping this bug open in Bugzilla is helping matters at all; if we're going to have an open Bugzilla bug for it, we ought to call it "Find some developer who has knowledge of the problem and time that coincides with the F4M developers' time" and still close the other bug. Discuss amongst yourselves. ;)
    You should talk to Sam before doing this, since he's the contact with F4M


Camino 1.6