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Wed 17 Oct 9am PST (16:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.6
    • Scoping
      • Meet-up additions added to the scoping document and Bugzilla; no pre-meet-up bugs were removed (mostly P3/polish-type bugs and regressions)
      • Fixed bugs on the list currently indicated by strikethrough
      • Most of Tab Scrolling is done, as is (much?) of Tabsposé (P3) and AppleScript (P3), but most of other "big" features not underway (at least not "publicly")
        • Shall we officially move Tabsposé to 2.0?
      • jeff has been poking the tab dragging code
      • batwood has patches for both of his 1.6 bugs (update?)
      • murph has patch for search editor (in smorgan's queue) and has mostly wrangled OpenSearch
  • Camino 1.6a1
    • Take 2 date is October 17th (that's today!) - status?
    • mento is doing breakpad
    • smorgan is doing software update (but see below)
    • nominate any major/dataloss bugs that need to be fixed for a1
    • please help out with any P1s (see query below)
  • Camino 1.5.2
    • Gecko release expected Thurs (Oct 18), pending 10.5 triage
    • RC here; waiting on l10n build yet
    • The two known "Camino stops working" bugs are included in this release
    • Third known "Camino stops working" is Bug 397053 (Flash descriptors)
  • Camino 1.5.1
    • Talkback
      • Need to poke libobjc and libSystemB crashes yet to see if anything is useful/new
      • Crash on quit ("pass-the-buck" Core Bug 349463) is #1 (bsmedberg has a trunk patch!)
      • NEW - Topcrash in CoreFoundation - seems to be RealPlayer, 3rd party CMs, Flash, asstd.
      • Topcrashes in 1) DesktopServicesPriv and 2) random hex + Spotlight + DesktopServicesPriv
      • Topcrashes in libSystem.B related to site icons: sample
      • nsDocumentObserverList::RemoveElement - Bug 395916 (Smokey emailed the two we have an email for, asking for Camino Diagnostics and more info; no replies so far, and no longer in top 5)
    • Still cleaning up stuff from the website switch; file bugs against Product Site if you see anything
  • Tinderboxen
    • binus is hanging on grey Apple while booting :( (binus is doing 1.5.x coverage and is our 10.3 test box)
    • cb-x1 will continue running 1.8.0 "for a little while"
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • Same old story; two-thirds of the r? requests are older than a month.

Specific bugs that need action


  • Bug 185436 - Software update for release builds
  • AppleScript landing follow-up bugs - several of these need to be addressed for 1.6


Other (if there's time)

  • UNCOs
    • Bug 376930 - Overflow tab menu covers whole upper right part of my screen
      • Need to find a way to "promote" this as an area we'd like user feedback on in 1.6a1
  • Need to keep an eye on trunk regressions, determine if they're Camino-only or partly/wholly Core, and consider requesting blocking1.9? for the latter set.


Camino 1.6a1

Camino 1.6