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This page is obsolete. Please file bugs against the Camino Product Site Bugzilla component instead. All of the issues below are either fixed or have been filed as bugs.
  • CSS
    • My hacks to the close of </dt> tag (needs bottom margin?) on several pages, mostly /doc/search/
  • TOC for each docs page
  • /start/ (ex-homepage.html) and /welcome/ (ex-welcome.html)
  • Promotion
    • badges
  • relnotes link on download page (if they click download from the main bar)
    • what links to relnotes?
  • Home
    • Less busy website in the main image (wordpress? cnet?)
    • [12:25am] froodian|away: ss: can the big blue "new in 1.5" link to ?
      [12:25am] froodian|away: i know it's right below
      [12:26am] froodian|away: but i bet people click it
  • FAQ
    • FAQ on upgrading
  • Hidden Prefs
    • Search from Location Bar has bad url/typo for bookmarks shortcuts:

      You can also search from the location bar using bookmark keywordsshortcuts. For information on bookmark keywordsshortcuts, see the <a href="/documentation/bookmarks/#keywordsshortcuts">Bookmarks documentation</a>.

    • disabling spellcheck in /hiddenprefs/ (add after "Navigate web pages using the cursor (caret)")
      <p id="DisableSpellcheck"><strong>Disable spell-checking in web page text fields</strong><br /> Some users have expressed a dislike for the spell-checking feature in web page text fields in Camino. You can disable spell-checking in these text fields by adding the following line to your <code>user.js</code> file:</p> <p class="userjs">// Disable spell-checking<br />user_pref("layout.spellcheckDefault", 0);</p> <p>For information about this preference, read the <a href="">MozillaZine Knowledge Base documentation</a>. If Mac OS X does not include a spelling dictionary for your preferred language, see our <a href="">FAQ</a> for information on adding a dictionary for your language.</p>
    • UA spoofing (missing sentence):
      In most cases Camino is perfectly capable of entering the websites and displaying them properly and would do so without any problems if the sites did not implement their browser checking poorly. This poor browser detection can sometimes be worked around by changing, or “spoofing,” the user-agent string that Camino reports to websites. Changing the user-agent string is also dangerous and will break many sites,
  • Releases
    • fix dmg license image for downloads page to be current
    • fix? dmg-languages sidebar overlap on ML dl page
  • /doc/firefox/
    • missing disclaimer at top from /doc/safari/
    • <code> around ~ and profilename in the Fx profile migration instructions
    • Fx userContent: profile's <code>chrome</code> folder to Camino's <code>chrome</code>
  • tab_theme - migrate to Development:Third-Party Tab Themes
    • need updated images (mostly image names)
  • Releases
    • missing the RealPlayer known issue in 1.0.2 through 1.0.4 (topmost known issue)
      The recently released RealPlayer 10.1.0 (v400) causes Camino to crash when viewing any Real content. Real has released RealPlayer 10.1.0 (v412) to address this issue. Users should re-download RealPlayer and verify (using the application’s About window) that it is version 412 before launching Camino.
  • /help/
    • Add link to Release Notes (/releases/latest/) to the /help/ sidebar