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Current consensus is that we want to move the majority of the cbo Development documentation to the wiki, which will allow us to be more responsive in the face of the continually-changing build system and requirements. Now that the wiki is locked down, we should be safe from spam.

This page will track the discussion and requirements for implementing this.


  1. Nice skin for wiki.cb.o
    • try to make it look cb.o-ish
    • don't hide "red vs. blue" distinctions; we need to know easily/at-a-glance when a page (e.g. discussion) actually has content, which the old cb.o skin did not allow)
  2. MediaWiki l10n system (like DevMo)
  3. Keep a simple, short, 1-page front-end on cb.o/development
    • basic development philosophy?
      • Recapture some of the stuff from the ChimChim page that got lost in the transition to cbo/development (philosophy, goals, etc.)
    • maybe just keep/streamline the existing cbo/development front page?
      • sardisson already wants to move some of the bug-reporting bits from that page to somewhere in cbo/support
      • existing cbo/development is less about development and more like "how to contribute to camino"; maybe that section should be renamed in the header, too, when dev docs move to the wiki?
      • See also MDC's Hacking Firefox
    • The wiki's dev section needs a general "overview for new contributors" type doc as one of its main pages, that walks the new dev through the steps (which are explained in detail in other documents); some of this is appearing now in Development:Contributor Overview...
    • point the front-end to relevant documentation on the wiki
    • do Roadmap and Team Structure need to move, or can they stay?
      they moved
    • Don't forget the Quick Links and Recommended Reading sidebars; they need to be re-implemented somewhere in the dev-wiki
      on Development:Contributor Overview for now
  4. cbo/development is really cbo/contributing
    Do we have a separate dev overview, or just roll it into cbo/contributing (and repeat part of it on Development:foo on the wiki?


Add comments here, or new requirements above