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Welcome to the Camino Wiki. This wiki exists to track documentation, development, and other information for the Camino Project. Due to incessant spamming, we've locked down registration to be by request only. If you would like an account, contact any of these admins: ss, Maxr, froodian, Wevah.

Please choose from the following options below:

Information for Contributors

  • Development - contains development information including bug reporting guidelines, reviewing information, and a roadmap.
  • Website - details about including its styles, translations, and accessing it.
  • Quality Assurance - a section that will discuss Camino's quality assurance procedures, including triaging bugs and testing the Camino application itself.
  • Summer of Code 2006 - Information on the summer of code project, how it's progressing, and what plans there are for it.

Documentation Information

  • Releases - gives information on releases including release notes and useful links.
  • Licensing - Information about various licensing issues with Camino source code and binaries

Documents to be moved

  • An attempt to setup some ideas for the Future l10n

Obsolete Items

Currently, we have two projects: The Camino 1.0 Manual project (located at and the Camino 0.9 Website Documentation project (this wiki!). Please choose which one you'd like to participate (or both) and login to the appropriate site.

For more information about this project, head to Camino09Website.

Note: The old wiki is currently being added to this one for reference. As it works its way online, it will be available under Old Wiki.