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This page is obsolete; see Development:Planning for current tracking and discussion documents.


We released version 1.0, and with this big release the it's time to list some of the things we think are important for Camino in the (near) future.

The Extended FireFox contest is a good example fo Camino to look at. As FF makes it "so easy" to create new innovations it would be wise for Camino to carefully look at the most successfull ones and learn from it.


Many of the extensions that provide a TabSpose feature, very much like we ourselves talked about, have been created and are very succesfull.

Also the Developer Tools extenions are very good and popular. We know Camino isn't a developer application like we think FF is. Non the less it would be of no harm to provide some, not very visible, tools for developers. Think of a JavascriptConsole or a Dom Inspector?

There are many other that are worth looking at. But in the light of our limited resources I think it would be wise to just stick to the sucessfull ones.