Status Meetings:2011-01-26:Agenda

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Wed 26 Jan 1pm PST (21:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

Current Release

  • Camino 2.1a1
    • Released a week ago Thursday
    • Breakpad topcrash report for the last 2 weeks (Also: topcrashers by URL)
      • Low crash volume, low user volume (a bit lower than what 2.0a1 had before 2.0b1 released)
      • 1Password is top crash (all the libobjc.A.dylib@0x5edb and the NSToolbar and NSView crashes)
      • How is Spotlight crashing us here? bp-17d0f2c9-ecd1-4f65-9b84-9510b2110123
  • Camino 2.0.6
    • Released 10 weeks ago Tuesday
    • flash-check results have been positive
    • Breakpad topcrash report for the last 2 weeks - 1967 (72.04%) (-~550) (Also: topcrashers by URL)
      • Socorro in better shape this week, may still be cause of big drop in crashes
      • Top sites: facebook,, google, gmail, omegle

Other Releases

  • Camino 2.0.7
    • KeychainBrowserListener - Stuart will return after a1
    • Flashblock upgrade (see Specific bugs that need action below)
    • Security fixes
    • "new JEP regression" fix
    • Need to see if Bug 567552 affects 2.0.x, and if we can fix it by calling the function before initing Gecko (no response from jdaggett yet in the bug)
    • Bug 532186 - can't paste URLs into Flash exceptions list - hendy's been offline
    • Have new "Profile Startup" bug (Bug 556428) covering about year+ of Ts regressions
  • Camino 2.1
    • Most of the items from the list have been twiddled to reflect state, plus editorial comments
    • autocomplete - mostly UI work left; some additional bugs cropping up
    • Gecko 1.9.2 update - (tracking for bugs+issues; mostly filed, but need to get focus-related bugs filed)
      • Gecko focus/blackholes - new meta filed (Bug 600483); the worst ones have been fixed
    • No progress on patch-free 10.6 building (mozsqlite:Bug 513747+friends) in a long time
    • Beta 1 - Thursday
      • Feature freeze, l10n freeze
  • Gecko 2.0 fka 1.9.3 - on ice

Other Items

  • Tinderboxen
  • AppZapper
    • Sam hasn't heard back yet from his last missive
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • Big code/review sprint this weekend; landed lots of extras for a1
    • r queue better; all r requests except 2 older than a month.

Specific bugs that need action

  • Upgrade to Flashblock 1.5.14 (Bug 604477) is going to require some small code changes
  • Need hints from smorgan/murph on Bug 585535 - getting diagnostic URL into SafeBrowsingAboutModule
  • Adding a "show cert" button to the technical details of about:certerror needs lots of plumbing
  • Need test code for 10.5 AppKit menu changes (Cmd-=, alternates/NSEvents)
  • CBSamplePane - cancelled reviews; needs updating for 2.0/10.4 baseline

Other bugs (if there's time)

  • 10.5 Visual UX
  • UNCOs
    • Bug 549280 - Show bookmark name in Bookmark Bar context menu
    • Bug 458427 - Data detectors for dates/times for iCal integration
    • Bug 404515 - Found items (as result of Find command) are hard to distinguish in the page (moved to Core, might be coming back)
    • Bug 386574 - Close tab too close to favicon causing drag'n'drop problems (specifically, does Stuart have any further commentary on the first part of comment 4?)


Camino 2.1b1

Camino 2.1

  • Bugs targeted at 2.1 (19) [unchanged since last meeting] has most of the 2.1 planning bugs and most essential Gecko 1.9.2-related bugs now
  • Blocking ? (28) [unchanged since last meeting]
  • Blocking + (0) [unchanged since last week]
  • Blocking - (0) [unchanged since last week]


  • Review (6) [-2 since last week] cancelled 3 no-longer-relevant review requests
  • Superreview (4) [+4 since last week]