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Here are various pages related to the development of, Camino's website. These documents provide information on accessing (for developers of the site) as well as planning documents for improving our processes.

Current Issues

Website:Issues lists current issues with the website and offers a place for team members to report new issues.

Structure and Style

Website:Structure is a document showing how is structured, both document semantics as well as directory structure.

Website:Style Guide is an outline of how text, images, and other styles are to be used throughout This page also notes how spelling, grammar, and capitalization should be handled throughout the site and our docs.

Translating Our Website

Website:Translation:Policy is our policy on getting translations of incorporated and live.

Website:Translation:Projects houses current website translation projects, both live and in planning stages. It also gives an overview of how to get started with translating

Website:Translation:Guidelines gives basic guidelines and things to watch for when translating to other languages.

Website:Translation:Interface is currently a planning document for an interface which needs to be created to give transltors notice when the English site is going to change and give them time to translate the changes.

CVS, Staging, and Updating to Live

Website:CVS gives an overview of how to access Camino's website using CVS. This is the only way to edit the website and requires an account.

Website:Staging discusses the staging websites which exist for as well as how to update those staging websites to the live, main website.