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This is a copy of the old wiki. I'm copying it almost exactly, so deal with (or fix) any minor errors that may occur.

This is a list of pages that existed:

Welcome to our new home!

Check out the site and tell us what's wrong. We're looking for bad links, spelling mistakes, any error you can find, really. After you've found something, come back here and leave a report at the website issues page.

To edit a page, simply click on it's link on the menubar. Once you are viewing the document, there is an option in the top right corner to "edit page". You will then be presented with a nice input window to make any changes or additions.

To add a page, simply type in the URL bar the name of the doc, with "YourTitleHere?" being the name of the new page you want to create.

for a web site document: http://www.wtmcgee.com/camino-docs/index.php/Web/YourTitleHere

For a FAQ - http://www.wtmcgee.com/camino-docs/index.php/Docs/YourTitleHere

For Help Documents - http://www.wtmcgee.com/camino-docs/index.php/Docs/YourTitleHere

and Other - http://www.wtmcgee.com/camino-docs/index.php/Other/YourTitleHere

this is OUR site - all of ours. Please contribute in any way you can. Thanks!

The Camino-Docs Team

Don't know where to start?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pick a page from the menu on the left that look interesting. Read through it. See anything you'd change? Click the "Edit Page" link at the top right of that page. Click a question mark next to an unlinked item to create the page that it will link to.
  • Look through the Site Structure page -- which outlines what we'd eventually like to have on the site. Feel free to add, remove, or move things around in that document. Or pick something that's on the list but that we don't yet have in the menu at left and create a page for it (see instructions above for creating a page.)
  • Visit the Camino Beta Site and think about what would make it most useful as a finished product. Add pages to the wiki, or discuss the beta site.
  • Take a look at what's changed recently... and maybe change it some more.