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Contains development docs relating to bugs, triage, patching, etc.

Project Structure

Development:Project Structure describes the structure of the Camino Project and outlines the various contributors responsible for each area.

Development:Roadmap provides a broad overview of current and future releases of Camino.

Development:Localization Policies describes the policies that apply to Camino localizers.

Developer Interviews

In the summer of 2006, Ludovic Hirlimann began conducting a series of interviews with the many people working on Camino who were less well-known than the project leads. With his permission, those interviews are republished here; future interviews conducted by others will be added as they become available.

Becoming a Camino Developer

Development:Contributor Overview is an (in-development) page that provides an overview of the actual development process for new contributors, pointing to the specifics in other documents. (It should replace this page in some respects.)


Development:Building:Mozilla 1.9.2 Branch is the current revision of the documentation on building Camino. This documentation covers building with Gecko 1.9.2 and the Mercurial version-control system.

Development:Building:Mac OS X 10.6 contains up-to-date supplemental information about building Camino 2.1 with Gecko 1.9.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.
Development:Building:Mac OS X 10.7 contains up-to-date supplemental information about building Camino 2.1 with Gecko 1.9.2 on Mac OS X 10.7.

Development:Building:Mozilla 1.9.0 Branch is the documentation for building Camino from CVS.

Although Camino 2.0.x security releases still come from CVS HEAD (Gecko) and the CAMINO_2_0_BRANCH, no Camino 2.1 development work occurs in CVS; Camino 2.1 development is done using the Mercurial-based Mozilla 1.9.2 Branch and the corresponding Camino Hg repository.

Development:Building:Build Errors is an old collection of “common” build errors and solutions.

Information for Third-Party Developers

Development:Camino AppleScript Guide contains information to help authors of AppleScripts and toolbar script items for Camino.

Development:Third-Party Preference Panes contains information to help creators of third-party preference panes for Camino.

Development:Porting or Using Firefox Extensions with Camino contains information on areas of compatibility and incompatibility between Firefox extensions and Camino.

Development:Third-Party Tab Themes contains information to help creators of third-party tab themes for Camino.

Development:Providing Software Update for Third-Party Camino Builds contains information to help third-party Camino builders, or Camino developers running long-lived experimental build sequences, provide software updates for their builds.

Development:Supporting Additional Web-based Feed Readers contains information on how to adapt Camino’s AppleScript applications for Google, My Yahoo! and Bloglines to support other web-based feed readers.

Coding, Reviewing, and Committing

Development:Coding contains information about code style and patch procedures, along with tips for adding Gecko components to the project and other helpful hints for new developers.

Development:Reviewing gives an overview of how reviewing works in the Camino Project, as well as information about how a patch is committed and helpful hints for new reviewers.

Development:Committing contains information about checking in code for Camino and helpful hints for new committers.

Working With Bugs

Development:Good Bugs and Projects is our start of a "good first bugs" list, as well as some summer-sized Camino and Mac Gecko projects that need love.

Development:Tools provides links to and descriptions of assorted webtools that are useful when tracking down bugs and regressions, finding and changing code, checking in code, monitoring crashes, and other development-related activities.

Development:Editing Nibs gives information on how to properly edit nibs and attach them to bugs for review. It also gives basic Camino-specific style guidelines for our nibs.

Development:Preparing Graphics provides instructions on how to prepare TIFF files for inclusion in Camino.

Development:Opening URLs and Files details the various ways external URL and file opening requests are handled.

Development:Gotchas is a list of assorted things to do (or not to do) when performing certain types of development activities. These items are not lengthy or detailed enough to merit their own pages.

Development:Helpful Mercurial Commands lists some helpful Hg commands you may have need for when developing.

Development:Using Custom Profiles provides information about using Camino’s custom profile location support to aid development.

Development:Testing arbitrary scenarios with Mochitest provides information on how to use Mochitest’s support for arbitrary servers operating off of the local filesystem to behavior-test arbitrary scenarios.

Development:Using Git for Camino development provides information on how to integrate Git into the Camino development process

QA:Keywords & Status Whiteboard explains some of the commonly-used keywords and status whiteboard entries.

See other Quality Assurance pages for related articles which are more targeted towards end-user support and bug triage than towards developers looking to learn about Camino's use of Bugzilla.

Development:OldProgramming contains the contents of the old cbo development/programming page, which need to be integrated here where appropriate.

Tracking Documents

The various Development:Planning pages track the discussion and implementation of various large-scale feature changes and behavior synchronization issues that developers are in the process of fixing. The planning documents below may also contain discussion of potential new features for inclusion in future versions of Camino or of features that will never be accepted in Camino.


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